Marti Oakley

We reported last week on the sudden installation of TSA checkpoints on the highways in Tennessee.  Apparently, the terrorist situation has increased exponentially in that fair state and Homeland Security is now sending more TSA agents in to aid state troopers in an effort to protect trick-or- treaters from impaired drivers.  This has got to be one of the lamest excuses yet to come from HSD to try and justify their unlawful entry into a sovereign state, for the violation of rights and in violation of Constitutional rights. 

“State Troopers will be conducting safety checkpoints, sobriety roadblocks, saturation patrols and other enforcement techniques to look for aggressive or impaired drivers,” over the next few days, in order to “keep roadways safe for trick-or-treaters,” according to Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons, whose office’s role includes “terrorism prevention”.’

See! Its for the KIDS!  And you do love the kids, don’t you?  Well….DON”T YOU? 

It seems that numerous new “security checkpoints” will be up and running just in time for Halloween.  Leave it to HSD, and their Total Sexual Assault (TSA) teams to show up on the one night of the year when kids are everywhere you look.  There must be a shortage in the airports of young vulnerable children who might be terrorists and who can be groped and molested in the name of phony national security.

Call me silly, but I believe Tennessee troopers are more than capable of patrolling the highways on Halloween looking for impaired drivers.  And besides, how many kids do you think will really be trick-or-treating on the freeways?  But they aren’t confining this to the freeways…….they will be in your neighbourhoods’ cause that’s where the terrorist impaired drivers are. 

Tennessee has obviously been selected as a test state to see just how much TSA and HSD can get away with before it dawns on the public that their rights are being violated and that they are under a police state. Tennessee is now allowing TSA to randomly stop and search busses and trucks, without probable cause and without warrant; the next step will be to begin randomly and without cause or warrant, stopping private vehicles.  Why?  Because they are getting away with it! 

See how easy this was?  First they showed up and began randomly stopping trucks and busses without cause and warrant…..and you folks in Tennessee went along with it.  Now they are schmoozing their way into civilian police business and coming right into your neighbourhoods.  Maybe if TSA and HSD get far enough into Tennessee, the local law enforcement agencies could conceivably be done away with and TSA could just take over the whole works! 

I would presume Tennessee will also be among the first to have TSA at the entrance to shopping malls, libraries, train and bus stations and anywhere else people might congregate or flock to.  After all, why pass up the opportunity to harass and intimidate, not to mention groping and molesting law biding citizens especially when they are so compliant and submit so quickly.

I don’t know whose big idea it was to let TSA into Tennessee, but personally, I think a tarring and feathering and a rail out of town (state) is in order. 

Trick or Treat!