Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved


As Smedley Butler said: “It is always easy to convince half of the people to kill the other half.”  

Say hello to the invasion of  TSA agents inside the states, on our roads, unlawfully and illegally interfering with the right to travel freely….unacosted by government agents. 

TSA says “If you see something , say something”.  Ok!  I will!  I saw video of TSA agents unlawfully and unconstitutionally, randomly stopping busses and trucks in a video.  They are looking for terrorists!!!  And, if you are an American, minding your business, doing your job…. you might be one! 

You are an American, aren’t you?

You are licensed and gainfully employed, aren’t you?

YOU! Are suspect!

I have to wonder here if they are going to stop those mexican trucks that we have been paying to repair and update so that they can travel freely on America’s highways?  Or would that be racial profiling?

Claiming they are looking for terrorists, that airports are no longer a concern (does that mean they will quit molesting flyers? Children?) TSA has landed in Tennessee.  Apparently Tennessee is a hot bed of terrorist activity (who knew?) and they must now “randomly” stop and search trucks at weigh-stations and also busses.  You can bet your sweet bippy that random searches (without warrant or probable cause) of your personal vehicle is next.

Smedley was right.  Just look at the  individuals who merrily don the TSA uniform (it has a BADGE and everything!) and dutifully report to work knowing full well they are violating your rights and are breaking the law, themselves.

I do not know one person, anywhere, who believes the rationale for any of this.  The news report ends with a reminder that Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bombing patsy) was stopped before the staged attacks in Oklahoma for not having tags on his car.  OMG!  I am so scared now!  I will not complain if I am unlawfully stopped, detained and searched by the employees of a federal corporate agency. 

And don’t forget!  You too could be a snitch!  Why…they’ll even pay you to snitch!  I know of not one person who would not report suspicious activity if they observed it.  The idea that this is being used as a reason for the unlawful activity of  TSA is ludicrous.  It is what it is.  A conditioning exercise to allow us to become accustomed to being stopped, questioned and searched without reason or cause. 

As I have said many times….they aren’t hunting terrorists, they are hunting US.