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In my humble opinion:

The ramming through Congress of three more economy busting trade agreements on Wednesday October 12th, 2011 should have the citizens of every state demanding their respective Senators and Representatives who voted to push these corporate agreements through, return home to face ejection from office and possible prosecution.  These agreements will cost the US hundreds of thousands more much needed jobs and further reduce our wage base and standard of living.  I have concluded that Congress knew exactly what they were doing, what the long term repercussions would be, then voted against our best interests.  At the very least this is malfeasance of office.  

Let’s Defund Congress

We can’t afford these people any longer.  They obviously do not work for us; why should we have to pay them?

In light of this, I propose we defund Congress and refuse to pay their salaries, pay for their golden fleece health insurance, their golden parachute retirement plans and all the other perks they have voted for, for themselves.  If they are going to work for corporate interests, let the corporations pay them. Apparently they already are.  Additionally, we should rescind any power given them to write or agree to any legislation. 

What I perceive in both houses of congress is a collection of people who have convinced themselves that by throwing their support behind these egregious assaults on the country as a whole on behalf of their coveted “stakeholders”, they will somehow avoid being subject to the devastating effects of these agreements. Maybe they are correct.  I assume if you can vote yourself raises in pay whenever you decide to and force the country to fund your retirement and pay for your healthcare plus all the other perks they provide themselves in addition to never being held accountable for what they do, they may have a point.

All three agreements, South Korean, Columbian and Panamanian, were originally constructed during the two terms of Bush/Cheney.  Obama, who appears insistent on emulating Bush has continually pressured congress to pass the agreements.  As I have stated before, these are NOT Constitutionally constructed and ratified treaty’s.  These are not and can not be made the Supreme law of the land.  These are nothing more than government-to-government corporate contract agreements and the only place the provisions of these corporate agreements can be applied and enforced is in the District of Criminals, insular possessions and territories, as prescribed by the Constitution.

Whether you agree with the Occupy Wall Street movement or not, doesn’t it strike any of you odd that as this movement has grown and expressed their disgust with government as usual, with Wall Street bankster/gangsters and the constant pandering to corporations and foreign governments, that our Representatives and Senators voted to pass three more economy busting trade “agreements” which will exacerbate the problems?  Do you think or believe that Congress or this President actually pay any attention to the public?  Think about this: We have a growing movement across the nation and around the world centered on the selling out of entire countries for corporate profit and greed and our Congress shoves through three more horrendous trade agreements.  Think they care what YOU think? 


What congress doesn’t and none of these CRAPitalists tell you is; these corporations are not in any way prohibited from setting up business in other countries and that these agreements are not necessary.  The issue is, doing so with a guarantee that they will not have to be bound by environmental laws or prohibitions or, having to pay a decent wage and provide safe working conditions and of course, tax loopholes and the ending of tariffs which protect the wage base and living standard here at home.  These agreements are nothing more than the agreements to let the corporations raid and plunder, exploit the work force and then bring their crappy products back into the US duty free while causing massive unemployment and economic havoc here at home. 

Absolutely nothing in any of these agreements protects US  jobs, nor will they help the economy.  These are simply the means by which US producers and manufacturers will be run out of business as our markets are flooded with substandard products of all kinds sold at prices under cutting our domestic producers. 

Those happy people in the Senate!

I watched the voting on these horrendous agreements as it occurred in the Senate, on CSPAN.  What I saw were Senators patting each other on the back, smiling, laughing and chatting as they cast their votes to further deconstruct the US economy knowing full well that the results of their votes would be the loss of hundreds of thousands of  US  jobs so that corporations could profit.  Each of the three contracting countries in essence agreed to the exploitation of their work forces who will be forced to endure horrendous working conditions, minimal wages and who will be intentionally reduced to, and kept in poverty so that the “stakeholders” behind these corporate agreements can profit. 

This vote was comprised of Republicans and Democrats alike.  It was business as usual and they all appeared quite satisfied with the hell they were about to inflict on US workers and the economy, not to mention what is about to befall the workers in those three countries.  

Because these are not Constitutional treaty’s, the next step will be to collude with our state governors to establish which corporate state agency will contract with the corporate Federal agencies to implement what is nothing more than a business plan and inflict that plan on the states by regulation and rule making.  This is the only way the federal government can gain access to the states to implement their plan for economic destruction within the states. We must be rendered economically non-viable in order to continue on our path to economic collapse. 

We have got NOT ONE governor who will stand up and deny access to the federal agencies; it is a simple matter of not contracting with the federal agencies and refusing the bribery money referred to as “funding”, and by extension, refusing the federal corporation contracting, necessary under the Unfunded Mandates Act, to keep our states free from the provisions and the devastating effects of these corporate contracts called “agreements”.  

These three corporate agreements will be used to further deconstruct the US and to force us further into the “global economy” which is a global and abject failure on so many levels.  We are being systematically and deliberately deconstructed, our sovereignty and nation dissolved right before our very eyes. 

In my opinion, we are being liquidated.