Marti Oakley (C) copyright 2011


Below is a video documenting page after page, section after section including line numbers, the intent of Obamacare.  It comes as no surprise that not only will we be paying for the health insurance for illegal immigrants, these people are exempt from individual taxes once Obamacare comes into full force.

Those of us approaching our senior years will be forced to make end of life plans that we may not want or agree with,  and will see our healthcare rationed and treatments decided by non-medical personnel who will decide what treatments will be available to us. 

Health care for everyone will be maximum 5,000 per individual and 10,000 per family per year.

Your financial and personal information will be available in real time to various agencies and individuals.  The government will now have direct access to your bank account and may electively remove funds from your account with no notice to you.  No explanation will be provided.  This is why direct deposit was mandated recently on all government checks.  Direct deposit is actually a record of where you bank and your account numbers.

While many people believe this was a Democrat sponsored bill and that Republicans were opposed, think again.  This was another stage show for public benefit.  Once Republican congress people, along with Senators were assured they would not be subject to this invasion of privacy and that loopholes for their big corporate donors were in place, they went right along with the program. 

Also protected from participation were the uber wealthy.  That upper 3% that is existing as a parasitic class at the expense of the rest of the country.

In the last election, John Boehner swore if the Republicans regained control of the House, they would tear Obamacare out by the roots.  A few months after the election, Boehner and several other Republicans voted to move ahead with the funding for this unconsitutional law right along with those Democrats who exempted both houses of Congress  from participation. 

It is my opinion that we must stop Obamacare from coming into force on any level.  This unconstitutional law is a threat to the population in general on so many levels that it staggers the mind.  That so many of our state governments have complied with any of the provisions of this assault on the public is disgusting.  It is also a clear message that they are not listening to the voters and have no intention of representing them, if they ever did.