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Sir Mervyn King Thinks He

Sees a Financial Crisis

Bank of England Chief Has an Epiphany

Financial catastrophe imminent?

Uncle Merv ought to know.  He and his ilk at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS—that owns and funds the world’s central banks; the only banks that can print money for a country) in Basel, Switzerland, and the ten square mile area known as The Mall in Washington, D.C., worked to set it up.

A three-minute backgrounder. (again).

Wall Street and England’s parliament, and their confederates, are the designated lightening rods to draw the rocks during this economic “collapse.”

Current Middle East“riots” and “democracy uprisings” are The City’s displacement of the independently owned central banks in those countries.

The end game of these English eugenicists and their footmen in America is their long-running dream to  eliminate four-fifths of the “useless eaters on earth” and save the planet [read: for themselves] from over-population and savaging hoards that could affect “our national security,” set up their world government, and commandeer the planet’s food, fiber, water, land, livestock, minerals, money, jobs, and hope;  hope being the key to the masses’ grit and backbone. Bankers don’t like masses with grit and backbone.  So they vacuum away their means of support and existence to “soften them up” much the way an army bombards a beach prior to invasion.

A financial invasion.  By bankers of the living dead; void of heart, soul, or conscience. Their philosophy being if useless eaters happen to starve or perish in a world depression, so be it.  Think Irish famine.  Same descendants and mindset of those who allowed that famine to happen are orchestrating the globe’s economic collapse today. And if the rest of humanity is left with mud, rock, or Hooverhuts,  it won’t bother them in the least.

They’ve even come up with genetically modified food to “feed the world.” But it can’t and won’t Because that’s not what it was designed to do.  It’s designed to sterilize and harm its eaters.  In their haste to get their “Green Revolution Food,” (as they tried calling it) on the world’s plate, their GM plants got away from them and into the wild and are now replicating with nourishing anti-herbicide and pesticide dna built into them that insects (like bees) and animals alike can share. Did I mention GM food also does a number on the human gut?  Could a commoner order a key to the all-natural  Doomsday Seed Vault they’ve built in a granite mountain to the north of. Norway?

I digress.

The bankers know they need to sweat, suffer, and ‘hungry’ people awhile until they’re willing to eat a bowl of GM cornflakes and accept anything resembling stable government.

That’s when they come riding in on their white horses with their world government and currency.

Pale riders, all.

Clever, these rich psychopaths.

As mentioned previously, quasi-socialist/communist/fascist approach to world government —possibly somewhere between hard-line communism and England’s monarchism—is in the offing as these wonderful folk zero in on the best way to control humans under their electionless world government; its leaders appointed from among The Financial Chosen to run their World Trade Organization  (WTO – to enable ‘peaceful’ trade among nations), World Health Organization (WHO – to keep the world vaccinated against pandemic hoaxes and ill health), and Codex Alimentarius ( To ensure only Codex-approved GM food and other products are traded among nations. For food safety.)

Electorial candidates in “state elections” will be predetermined and vetted similar to America’s and Mexico’s two-party presidential facades (serious third party candidates need not apply).

Wars are serious profit for this crowd; humanity be damned.  There was no ‘Cold War.’ Hiding under one’s school desk in case the Russkies dropped the big one was just another hoax; a fear meme; all of which is reminiscent of the WWII oil giants  and other multi-nationals that sold war machinery to both the Nazi’s and Allies; as well as petrol at the same refueling ports in South America.

There is no over-population of the planet (This testimony is long but accurate.)

Truth emerges on the Internet.  One must practice spotting it among the troll-speak, disinformation, and lies. The public is getting good at it. 

The rest of the world’s mainstream media?  Controlled and managed by your friendly multi-nationals and the Murdoch’s of the world.  Propaganda outlets all.   

Sir Merv does appear somewhat pensive, but it’s just more kabuki, in my opinion.

He knows where they’re headed.