by John Wallace
America was founded by people who came to this land in search of Liberty and opportunity. When an oppressive government began to restrict their Liberty in the 1770s, they hardened their resolve, took an oath to stand together and risked everything for the cause of Liberty. They ultimately won their independence and succeeded in breaking the chains and shackles of servitude to the King of England. 
Those brave men and women understood that our rights come from our Creator, not from any government, and that our rights are UNALIENABLE – and cannot be taken away or diminished in any way by any government.
That’s why the constitution was written very carefully by the Founders who established a Republic to protect our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. 
The United States Constitution doesn’t contain thousands of pages of meaningless legal jargon, like most of the federal legislation written today, but rather it was written so that every American could easily understand it.  It clearly limits the power of the federal government by only giving it very specific, enumerated powers.  All other powers are reserved to the States and to the People. 
Over the last 100 years or so, under both Republican and Democratic administrations, our federal government has gradually increased its powers beyond its Constitutional limitations, while our individual freedoms are gradually being lost to this ever growing and more intrusive government.
We are living in a country vastly different than the one many of us grew up in and one that has become almost foreign to us in many ways. America has become a country where our common language, core principles and shared beliefs have been unconstitutionally tossed aside by the socialists and globalists in our federal government and by radical activist judges who continually show their disdain for the will of the American people.
Our federal government has created new rights for a wide variety of special interest groups, encouraged a culture of dependency, all in the name of Fairness, Tolerance and Political Correctness, while at the same time, they are intolerant of us and call us tea baggers, truthers, birthers Fascists, Nazis and Racists because we dare to disagree with their socialist agenda and redistribution of our wealth.
There is only one way to bring our federal government  back to its original foundation and limitation, and that is to make the federal government ‘OBEY THE CONSTITUTION.” 
What is particularly troubling is the fact that at a time when our country continues to be invaded by millions of illegal aliens, and many of our states, particularly our border states, are struggling to survive under this  invasion, the current President of the United States, for the first time in our history,  is siding with the foreign invaders against our own citizens.
Rather than helping the states fight this invasion, the current administration puts up billboard-size signs warning American citizens to stay out of the desert in their own country because of the dangers posed by violent foreign drug smugglers other criminals who cross our border at will. Rather than live up to his oath to protect the American people, our president violates his oath and chooses to stand side by side with socialist organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and LaRaza  to defend and protect the illegal alien invaders and the Mexican drug cartels, all at the expense of the American people, particularly in the border states.  My fellow citizens, this is the very definition of Tyranny. 
Our own federal government is slowly but surely becoming the enemy of its own citizens because our elected officials and federal judges are completely disregarding the oaths they took to protect and defend the constitution.
I am a member of an organization called the OathKeepers. It is a national organization comprised of active duty and former members of the military and law enforcement who have sworn to honor their oaths to support and defend the US Constitution. We pledge our lives and our sacred honor in the defense of Liberty and the Republic and Our motto is: NOT ON OUR WATCH!.” 
That means that we will never stand on the sidelines as our Liberty is under attack, NOT TODAY, NOT TOMORROW, NOT NEXT WEEK, NEVER.
Those of us who have taken this oath at one or more times in our lives, have sworn to continue to stand by that oath to support and defend the Constitution.
We stand for: FREEDOM from the invasion of illegal aliens.
We stand for FREEDOM from cap and trade legislation, and the bailout of international banks, wall street, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Global Warming Scam, the Green Jobs scam and stimulus handouts to political donors and ‘ crony’s.
We stand for FREEDOM from the collection of racial, ethnic and other data on Americans that is used to divide and separate us into groups of hyphenated Americans.  I am not a white American, a black American, an Irish-American or a Latino-American.  I AM AN AMERICAN.
We stand for FREEDOM from the increasing attacks on family farm, ranches and small businesses.
We stand for FREEDOM from the destructive international so-called free trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA that continue to destroy our manufacturing industry and cost millions of Americans their jobs.
We stand for FREEDOM from the endless cycle of war and the invasion of other countries without legitimate reasons and without the constitutionally required Declaration of War, all for the financial benefit of the military industrial complex.
We stand for FREEDOM from the United Nations, a communist Trojan Horse that is attacking our individual freedoms and our nation sovereignty like a cancer. Not only must the USA get out of the United Nations, but its time to kick the United nations out of the USA.
We stand for FREEDOM from the enemies within our own country who push for a socialist ‘New World Order’ run by crooked politicians, socialist Billionaires and their non-governmental organizations, international bankers and international corporations.
We stand for FREEDOM from a government controlled Health Care system and mandatory vaccinations.
We stand for FREEDOM from the incessant attacks on our Second Amendment guaranteed rights to possess firearms to defend ourselves.
We stand for FREEDOM from a government controlled education system that is not only in the process of re-writing our history, but from a system that has been dumbed down by design and is more about indoctrinating our children than educating them.
We stand for FREEDOM from the drugging of 6 million of our children every day for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry. 
Let us remember that at critical times in the 235 YEAR history of this great country, certain generations of Americans have been called upon to defend Liberty in its maximum hour of danger. In 1776, our Founders’ generation was given that honor and privilege as were the generations of Americans who lived through World War I and World War II.
At these and other critical times in our history, brave Americans have taken an oath and stood as one united force against foreign aggressors and our Liberty was preserved.  Today in America, our Liberty is once again under attack.  This time, however,  the attack is not coming from some foreign power, but rather it is coming from an enemy within; from our own federal government and from those traitorous individuals and special interest groups, who pull the strings of the politicians and the media, like puppet masters from behind a curtain of secrecy, bribery and deception.
Make no mistake; the danger to our Liberty is as real today as it was in 1776, 1917 and 1941.
Our Founders repeatedly warned us of the dangers that a free America would face in the future and that the most serious danger to our Liberty would come from within. They also told us that it is not only an honor and a privilege to defend our Liberty, but that it is also our sacred duty to do so, not just for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children.
Just as those brave generations of Americans have done before us,  OUR generation must be prepared to stand up, take the oath and join together as one united force to defend Liberty in America. 
This is a critical time in our country’s history because our Liberty is once again in mortal danger and it must be defended now!.  WE are now the generation that must act and this is OUR time to Stand Up and be counted!  If we join together in 2011 and 2012 as one united force to defend Liberty, we can take America back!
John Wallace