Gary Jacobucci/PPJ contributor


When considering ‘government’ it could be pointed out that the Federal Reserve and Dept. of Homeland Security are not our government.

They are like two diseases that have entered our body and made us sick.

Some doctors might diagnose these as NGOs – non-governmental organizations – but these are foreign diseases.

Like a vaccination that has given us a brain tumor and degenerative heart disease.

“Here, take this, it will keep you from getting sick” and then giving us the disease we were told it would prevent. 

I’ve been listening to the opening of the Alex Jones Show in the evening lately. Most nights he’s bouncing off the walls and I won’t listen for long, but he was reflective yesterday and mentioned something that I’ve been on my mind the last week or so.

After going over several examples of how blatant the lies and criminality has become, he said… “I’ll read you some headlines when we get back, but at a certain point… what is the point – like trying to convince people… “Hey man, the government’s out of control, it really is, don’t you want to be free? It’s so creepy to have these killers over us – and it’s so obvious what they’re doing that it should be easy to bring them down.” 

Certainly, no one has been more of a scrapper than Alex Jones in exposing the deception and agenda – so when he said… “at some point, what’s the point” it brought back some feelings.

That point for me – that realization that goes to the bone – was the time around the Nov, 2010 elections last year when, despite constitutional candidates being in all the key positions (area state rep, sheriff, attorney general, senator), the vote was for ‘business as usual’ candidates across the board. The race for governor was a particularly nasty affair with a ‘business an usual’ candidate running against Harry Reid’s son.

This was followed in December by the Federal Reserve opening their books for a one-time peak as part of the banker bailout agreement – this wasn’t an audit, but a peek. 

The Federal Reserve had proclaimed in 2006 that they were no longer going to report the M-3 money supply – the total global money supply.

What the first look revealed was captured in the David Degraw article The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed – Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend?

David DeGraw writes… “Wait, what? Did you say $12.3 TRILLION tax dollars were thrown around in secrecy by unelected bankers… and Congress didn’t know any of the details?”

Not only did they not know the details, they didn’t know the money had been created – nor did the American people or the rest of the world. 

Andy Gauss commented… “…This is the worst of it and if this goes by without people just absolutely reacting in shock and getting their ire up, then we’re doomed and they can continue for a long time.”

This was my line drawn in the sand – my psychic Rubicon.

IfAmericadidn’t react to this, kick the bums out and rally the world against the source of the disease infecting it – it was game over.

There was virtually no reaction.

The hundredth monkey had appeared, but it was an evil monkey.

Since then, we’ve gone off a cliff.

We’ve had the faked killing of Bin Laden with the assassination of Seal Team 6 – followed by the U.S. military being given to NATO command and the invasion of Libya being spearheaded by al Qaeda mercenaries – and now one of the most ruthless and notorious al Qaeda terrorists being placed as the figurehead in charge of the newly proclaimed Libyan government. 

We have U.S.and British forces openly stating they are in charge of the Afghani opium poppy production – providing both fertilizer and transportation. 

We have the ATF caught providing AK-47s and sniper rifles to drug gangs on both sides of the Mexican border – with the head of the AFT saying he was just following order from the highest levels of government. His punishment was to resign and be given a cushy desk job at the State Department. 


To all these things, there was virtually no reaction.

“The cancer has spread throughout the body and I’m afraid the prognosis is terminal.”

– Gary Jacobucci / Wells,Nevada