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Much ado about the “legalization” of forced vaccinations these days. 

Advice to Washington—don’t try them yet, regardless of how many “laws”Washington passes. 

Citizens don’t want them. 

A dashing and groomed and Bilderberg-vetted 2012 presidential candidate attempted to force gardasil on Texas ‘tween school girls after the other states told Merck to not even think about it.  He opined he was just trying to “. . .save them from a horrible cervical cancer. . .” (or words to that effect) when outed for the nation in the Republican presidential debates. Yes.  Of course. That’s why he decreed it for an Austin lobbyist cum Merck employee; a microcosm of Washington’s current, illegal attempts to force vaccinations onto the public; this after having their way with captive government employees.

They keep probing, though. Best place to keep up with the vaccination charades is the National Vaccine Information Center Did you know congress shielded the vaccine manufacturers (read: and the elite who own them and the World Health Organization, WHO) from lawsuits?  Why?  Because Big Pharma knew if they had to pay settlements for the injuries and permanent damages their vaccines inflict on people, either they or their insurance companies—or both—would go bankrupt.

The Texas legislature, once they found out what the governor had done, quickly passed a law suggesting what he could do with his gardasil.  This after Texas citizens communicated their feelings about forced gardasil vaccinations of their daughters and grand daughters to their legislative representatives. These same citizens had the same heart-to-heart talk with the same legislators about the Trans Texas Corridor . . .a forever U.S. toll road project set  to enrich Spain’s royalty and other landed gentry forever.  Such is the American system when it’s working. As it differs from the European systems; brilliantly written by ex-Europeans, of all people, who’d seen—and had—enough and sailed west. 

Today, you can’t give a flu shot away in Texas. And don’t even mention gardasil. I suspect the same is true for other states.

This issue—forced vaccinations—will cost Perry and any other presidential candidate hawking it a chance at the presidency. Same thing goes for picking up all tabs for illegals. Unless the election is hacked.  And that’s possible, too.  In fact, there’s no limit to illegal government paths available today; whether allowing Wall Street criminals to slather bankrupt buddy bankers with citizen tax dollars, letting an oil company skip town after polluting the Gulf of Mexico, or giving and automatic ‘get  out of jail’ pass to Big Pharma for producing dangerous vaccines; the reason being there are no honorable statesmen, honest electeds, Justice Department, or key officials in Washington who haven’t  been purchased and tethered to dance for The City’s Financial Puppeteers in London   It was Oz’s only way around a superbly written Constitution that protected the average person and kept a stiff arm in their face; which they hated.

The cause of the public reactions to forced vaccinations is the Internet.  Its outing of the boys behind the curtain has forced Oz to speed up their old, reliable, dominant, global social schemes to bilk the public that worked as long as they controlled the information fed the public.

Call it propaganda.  Call it deliberate deception.   Call it lies. Call it what you will.  It   no longer works. Hat tip to the Internet. Boogymen like divine Arabs who supposedly learned to fly 747s into buildings (at Piper Cub training centers) that are later seen alive. Or contrived fears designed to panic the public into taking “swine flu” shots. Remember?   “There’s a swine flu pandemic sweeping down upon humanity and we have a vaccine shortage!    . . . Pregnant women and moms with children to the front of the lines!. . .”  

Or words to that effect. 

There was no pandemic.  It was all a hoax.  There was no pandemic.  It was all a hoax. And the shots were hyped to make money for the Mercks of the world. Hundreds of babies were stillborn  after their mothers got their shots   Not forced, to be sure, but deliberately caused by lies designed to create public fear and panic.  Only evil people and organizations would do something like that.  Can you say WHO? 

The globe knows about The Great Swine Flu hoax now. And only a fool would attempt to run for U.S. president hawking—or having hawked—forced vaccinations. Or try to force them on people who have access to the Internet. 

Given Washington’s minutia financial control by foreigners, one almost has to ask why bother with a presidential run?  The candidate’s cost now has to be funded by billionaires; independent and the average need not apply. Some with the Elmer Gantry gift run. Probably, for the millions that The City’s footmen steer into the wining candidate’s accounts. And there’s the prestige and history thing. But the internet has exposed Washington’s crowds for the one-eyed jacks and deceivers they are, and shown the public the other side of their faces. It will never be viewed the same by the public. 

Regardless, Perry’s would-be ship-of-state is currently dead in the water, courtesy of his Big Pharma friends.

By W. R. McAfee, Sr.

September 29, 2011