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A clever reader forwarded information this morning taken directly from this Website:

To build the largest election sign in U.S.

The sign, which will be over 80 feet long will read ” RON PAUL 2012 .” Each 8 foot tall letter will be cut out of plywood and painted with a reflective white paint.  When complete, the sign will be similar in style to the famous HOLLYWOOD sign.

The sign will be located in a field next to a busy stretch of I-44 highway outside Carthage, MO.  This stretch of highway has over 40,000 travellers per day.  The goal of the sign is to attract attention from local, regional and national media outlets which will report on the efforts of the grassroots Ron Paul support. This project will be done in conjunction with Southwest Missouri and Springfield Mo meetup groups.  When this project is successful, it will serve as a blue print for other meetup groups and we could see these giant signs all over the country! We have the volunteers and tools to make this project happen, but we need help with funding for some of the materials.  Please consider supporting this project by donating using the link on the right hand side of this page.

What a brilliant idea! Ron Paul supporters “Get It”.

They don’t throw dinners in which one pays $38,500 to sit by, near or in the general vicinity of someone who will later propose to tax them.  Neither do they rope you in with $100 “catered-by-number”  limp noodles dressed with a questionable sauce dinners. In fact these hardy little groups across America do what they can where they can with limited financial resources, but unlimited dedication.

I know sounding like a 2 am infomercial in-between the all night Firefly marathon is sort of uncouth, but I like this. Anyone can participate for small amounts of money to a cause they support. Better yet – it may be easy to hide the fact the Ron Paul won the California Straw Poll with 44.9%, came in second at the Ames Straw Poll with 27.65%, won the CPAC Poll, and won the New Orleans Republican Leadership Straw Poll.

It’s a itty-bitty bit more difficult to hide an 8′ tall 80′ long sign proclaiming in essence

“That other change didn’t work so well. Let’s try a new approach”

Why? Because right now we need Ron Paul and people see that. Sure in ’08 the movement started, but now the momentum is picking up. We do not have time for fear of “Granny is gonna’ lose her house” – it’s too late for that – Grannies all over this country have already lost their home. This Nation does not have time for “We must bomb them selectively to make them stop bombing us.” mentality. We don’t have time for “I need $1.5 Trillion to make our infrastructure not second-rate” while planning for first-rate infrastructure in other countries via the Tax Payers proverbial dime.
We do not have time.
What we need is clarity of purpose not the fog of financial fingering as we currently have. Operators are “standing by” I suppose somewhere in the magic land of on-line donations, why not commit now?