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Finally, finally, common sense is prevailing in Boston. Home of the elite who never ever are involved in


Federal prosecutors are asking a judge to sentence former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi to 12 1/2 years in prison on corruption charges.

DiMasi was convicted in June on charges he used his clout as speaker to steer two lucrative state contracts to a software firm in exchange for payments.

In a sentencing memo filed with U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf on Wednesday, prosecutors say DiMasi deserves the sentence because he was an elected public official with significant authority whose offenses involved multiple bribe payments.

Narcotic stings:

John M. Forbes, 31, of East Boston appeared in US District Court in Boston yesterday on a two-count indictment charging him with possession with intent to distribute OxyContin and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He was ordered held until a detention hearing Monday.

Nepotism for “Change”:

Earlier this week NPQ reported that the Boston Globe had discovered that City Year founder and Democratic Senate hopeful Alan Khazei had put his brother under contract with Be the Change, the nonprofit he led since 2007, without getting the board’s approval as required by the agency’s conflict of interest policy. In an editorial that appeared yesterday, the Boston Globe took Khazei to task

and possible Political Hanky-Panky by an Aide to RINO Rep. Scott Brown and Mitt “ObamneyCare” “Great Hair” Romney:

For nearly a month, Democratic Senate candidate Alan Khazei has been mocked by a “CrazyKhazei” Twitter account that pretends to represent his thinking and offers sometimes-nasty statements about the news of the day.

“Just got back from sunny California. Thanks to all the elitists there for donating to my campaign,” read one July 31 tweet.

Meanwhile, the man Khazei hopes to run against in 2012, Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown, has some explaining to do himself. It was revealed yesterday that @CrazyKhazei, a Twitter account that has been mocking Khazei for the past month, was actually authored by Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior adviser to both Brown and G.O.P. presidential candidate Mitt Romney. NPQ, in fact, was featured in one such tweet.

Based on the above information, I’m thinking Bostonians might just want to ban those who seek or are elected to Public Office. Instead City Councilors want to focus on a much more pressing issue.  Licensing of those who sell knives.

Two city councilors will propose an ordinance today that would require businesses in Boston to be licensed before they can sell knives, which officials said minors can easily buy at retailers across the city.

“Why is it that people can buy a knife at their corner store, where their neighbors are buying milk and other household goods?’’ City Councilor Michael P. Ross said he was recently asked by Genie Curry of Roxbury. “And, why are they selling knives to children?’’

As is most often the case, readers hear tragic stories of those who were killed/injured by (please insert anything from Baseball Bats to Flying Tackles). Rules and Regulations/Licensing and Limiting situations are created and implemented – and crime still occurs.  Waiting periods, background checks, record keeping for however many years deemed “appropriate”, FOID cards – this is not an issue about Safety and “saving the innocent children” – this is about Revenue. What’s next, required licensing for Ball Point Pens?

I believe that carrying a strong ball point pen or a pen made especially for self defense which can be found on the internet is a good basic weapon to have if you are unable to carry a handgun for defense.

Here’s a question : “How are the officials going to keep track of a 2” knife when they can’t find a dead body floating under swimmers in a Public Pool for several days?” Makes ya’ kinda’ wonder now doesn’t it?

Crime is down in Boston 11% from last year (PDF) – except for the kind committed by the very type of elected officials who’d like to take away the right to own an unregulated knife. Pare down the Politicians and up your personal Freedom.  If you believe this proposal is a bit over the top, why not contact The Boston City Councillor of choice and voice your opinion. In fact – why not smack them with a little history while the phone line is open:

Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem

“By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty”

Nice State Motto – recognize it Councilmen?

*More on State Laws concerning Ownership of Knives