Washington State Department of Agriculture is interested in your purchases as well.

Along with the “Watchlist Service” which apparently will become the “List of Lists” – one wonders who is watching the watchers?

Homeland Security plans to operate a massive new database of names, photos, birthdays and biometrics called Watchlist Service, duplicated from the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database which has proven not to be accurate many times in the past. DHS wants to exempt the Watchlist Service from Privacy Act provisions, meaning you will never know if you are wrongfully listed. Privacy groups worried about inaccurate info and mission creep have filed a protest, arguing the Privacy Act says DHS must notify subject of government surveillance.

I just want to make sure I understand this. Agencies who have in the past made errors want to toss all the information in a pot for 69 million people, stir it around with a crazy stick, exempt it from public eyes and then utilize it to “maintain National Security”. What could possibly go wrong?

Jeffery Smith,  Koch’s in Des Moines,  Mayor Calvo, The Borntrager’s – why not just go on over to CATO to see this eye-opening map:


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Dear Janet N.,

I’ve been worried about something recently and I thought I’d write to the one in charge to find out if my concerns should be addressed. You see, I believe I might be an Accidental Terrorist.The other day I went to my local surplus store and they had this great deal on MRE’s. So knowing that we lose power in our Community due to weather conditions, I thought I should pick some up. Then I wandered over to the clearance rack and you would not believe the sale they had on Waterproof Matches! Try getting a fire started out here on the plains with those flimsy Walmart ones – you’ll see how much money I could save over the year! I picked up all they had. Feeling a bit stuffed due to the dusty drought conditions, my eyes kept watering and when the proprietor asked for my “Photo I.D.”, zip code and what I needed all of these items for to catalog my purchases – well I just gave him a piece of my mind. Crazy busybodies. I stuffed everything into the old duffel bag from my military days and headed home.

Imagine my surprise this morning then when one of my favorite groups mentioned that I might have cause for concern. At work I got one of those “Honey Do” emails with a list of items we just “had to have”:4 bags of sugar, 2 12 packs of Soft and Lofty TP, and some cold medicine. Thankfully I deleted the message in time before anyone around me could view that on the screen. Hate to be picked up for bombs or something.

Now in the deep dark hours of the night I’m thinking “What if I really am a Terrorist”. I’ve run stop lights, ran over a possibly endangered frog species the other night on my way home from work….I’ve even begun to worry that my bird feeders are violating some local ordinance.

So Janet, what should I do? Turn myself in and perhaps disappear for a few days without being able to tell those around me what is happening or go “underground” with my toilet paper and hope for the best?


Confused in Indiana