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Climate constantly changes, it’s called WEATHER.  Weather always affects crops, however…”


          Bloomberg came out with a story last week revealing that George Soros is selling gold and buying farmland.  Some large farming investments reap over 16% profits yearly.  Soros makes his money by renting land to farmers and land appreciation (notice that he owns the land).

Mike Adams discusses food shortages in his article ‘Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland?’ 

Adams identifies the following causes of food shortages:

1.  Increased food demand- this is a veiled reference to overpopulation.  The Malthusian overpopulation theory is incorrect and is used to justify depopulation.  By the way, the UN projects that by 2050 the world’s population will be around 9 billion people and will plateau there- the population projection for 2300 is still 9 billion people.

Here are some of Mike Adams’ thoughts on overpopulation from another article:

“When the population continues to expand and most of the world’s resources are wiped out, the human population will plunge into a time of great darkness. The loss of life will be immense — perhaps as much as a 90% reduction in the planetary population. Ecosystems will fail, crops will fail and civilization itself will be brought to its knees.”

This silly yet destructive idea, perpetuated by Paul Ehrlich, the leading depopulationist of the 1970’s, has been proven wrong over and over again.

While Mike Adams says he does not support a one-child policy or government intervention to squelch the population “problem”, he does advocate education- this could have some value if his information was actually correct:

The International Grains Council report for July 2011 says that global grain production is expected to reach record highs in 2011/2012.  This report indicates that grain used as animal feed to produce meat may be causing a higher consumption demand.

2. Adamsidentifies the next leading cause of famine as “radical climate changes” which is a euphemism for global warming, based on phony science coming out of the United Nations in order consolidate resources and political power under the UN.  NASA’s real world satellite data shows that carbon dioxide is having a minuscule heat-trapping effect, and nullifies much of the phony global warming theory.

Climate constantly changes, it’s called WEATHER.  Weather always affects crops, however…

If Adams was referring to the Russian heat wave that resulted in a decrease in wheat production in 2010, even the corrupt NOAA admitted that the heat wave was a result of natural phenomena as opposed to global warming.  There are many other examples of blaming global warming for natural weather changes that affect crops.  

And what about Japan?  Their food supply will be damaged for hundreds of years or longer.  The earthquake that ruined the county’s food supply is a result of plate tectonic movement, not carbon.

Alarmism over population, “finite resources” and beneficial carbon dioxide creates a false mindset of scarcity and panic. 

Mike Adams does correctly state that genetically engineered crops reduce crop yields.  Ironically, global warming is the excuse used for extensive planting of GE crops. 

Adams says that “fossil water supplies” or, the more appropriate common name “groundwater”, is being depleted- this is correct, but this is a much more complicated topic that involves corporate monopolies, government corruption and poor planning.

The Real Problem

The real problem is not so much a shortage of food, but government control over food and manufactured famines- here’s what Adams neglected to mention:

Government Control

Governments provide restrictive regulations, subsidies, market manipulation, price fixing and import/export regulations that benefit government and favored corporations.  Corporate monopolies exist only through government regulations.

The cure for this is to remove unnecessary government regulations that hinder economic development, such as the despicable Food Safety and Modernization Act.   Corporate privileges must be abolished.  Corporate owned monopolies are the opposite of free market Capitalism that encourages competition.

People make the mistake of blaming Capitalism for our current problems.  There is nothing wrong with making a profit.  The problem is that governments mandate advantages for corporations or other favored groups that create monopolies, and while this is very wrong, it cannot be called free market Capitalism.

Lack of Private Property

The cornerstone of Capitalism is private property ownership.  Property ownership is the leading cause of economic freedom.

Lack of property rights, not population density, is the major cause of poverty.  The linked article points out that Ehrlich’s book, “The Population Bomb”, does not explain why South Korea is so much better off than North Korea, but an analysis of property rights explains this difference very well.

Wall Street
The derivatives market was responsible for the meteoric inflation of food prices in 2008, and we have the same story today.

Wall Street speculation reform is not a high priority on the elite or political agenda.  However, an effective hedge against rising food costs is grain storage.  The federal government sold or gave away most of the US grain reserves, so the responsibility of grain storage falls to the states, local governments, communities and individuals.

While I am totally prepared to support any individual or group sounding the alarm on various impending global disasters it appears quite apparent to me that many of those who claim to be “grassroots” or even professional activists of one sort or another, really turn out to be some sort of provocateur.  These people tend to get on my last nerve with their wavering back and forth on issues.  When they blatantly begin parroting government talking points that we all know to be fictionally created scare tactics, I really get kind of P.O’d.  

Pick a side Mikey and stay there.  At this point we don’t care if you are for us or against us, we just need to know where you really stand.