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The United States long ago became a “catch up” Nation and in the instance of Rioting, well thankfully we still are. One has to wonder how long that will continue. As evidenced in multiple sources, the United Kingdom has been having a rough go of it this week. Rioting, which may or may not be attributed to the death of one man, has advanced to the point of individuals of all ages, ethnic groups and occupations joining in.

With the student riots in Chile, mid-East “Arab Springs”, Britain’s “Summer Stir-Up”,  and curiously Al Gore’s call for an “American Spring” – why hasn’t the US caught up with the rest of the world in this arena? Kinda’ like the “Missile Gap” created in the ’50’s by Kennedy, we’re falling behind on our Social Progressivism race to the bottom and I wonder why.

We find the answer perhaps in Time’s “Global Spin” section in which Mr. Karon states:

To reduce the riots that have shaken Britain this week to nothing more than criminal wickedness, as Prime Minister David Cameron and his cohort tend to do, is a dangerous exercise in denial. And it barely survives the most cursory scrutiny: Tens of thousands of people don’t suddenly take to the streets to manifest wickedness as if in response to the appearance of Lord Voldemort’s Deatheater sigil on their Blackberries, without any context; criminality — which the actions of the rioters certainly are, with no mitigating features or excuses — on the massive scale seen in London this week is indicative of a social crisis. And to dismiss as apologists for thuggery  those who seek explanations in the state of society for a mass outbreak of criminality is a self-serving, self-deluding evasion by those in power. When so many young people have been so willing to break the laws that maintain order and protect property rights, it doesn’t require a Marcellus to point out that there’s something rotten in the state of Britain.

Actually Mr. Karon that is exactly what happens.
As evidenced by the recent “mob action” in the United States where dozens, and sometimes hundreds of individuals, pour onto the streets through social media to “do what they want to do”, in most cases it has nothing to do with being socially oppressed or having a certain pigmentation to ones skin. It has to do with a base thuggery that is dismissed/encouraged by the main stream media and Government in an attempt to keep those who are poor continually poor by not making them responsible for their own lives or actions.
Hand out some school lunches subsidized by the USDA, toss in some minimal education in order that “patriotic citizens” understand the lowest effort they must make in order to “graduate” on to the next program that may or may not provide them with a decent wage in which they can take pride and then regulate the hell out of them so they cannot succeed. The resulting generation(s) learn that in order to not die they must comply.
Taking a divergent path from the those who enjoy finger-pointing at another Nations problem while stating “we live in the greatest Nation on the Planet”,  I have to wonder if the great social engineers who attempt to divert our attention from reality believe that we will not face this problem? Currently 48.5 million citizens rely on Food Stamps. Perhaps not all of the individuals chose to spend their money unwisely, however this instance is far from unusual:
Unlike some, I am not against helping those in need for a temporary period in which someone “gets back on their feet”. While I would prefer that we be able to do that as Individuals, in many cases we are not allowed to do so:

Free Florida’s ‘food terrorists’

Think of “food terrorism” and what do you see? Diabolical plots to taint items on grocery-store shelves?

If you are Buddy Dyer, the mayor of Orlando, Florida, you might be thinking of a group feeding the homeless and hungry in one of your city parks. That is what Dyer is widely quoted as calling the activists with the Orlando chapter of Food Not Bombs – “food terrorists”. In the past few weeks, no less than 21 people have been arrested in Orlando, the home of Disney World, for handing out free food in a park.

How to Feed the Hungry without being Arrested

While conflicts between those who wish to feed the hungry and those who wish to uphold the law have escalated in other parts of the nation, here in the Northstate cooler heads seem to prevail.  Wanda Leach and Sherry Redmond of the Lunch Bunch, which distributes food on Wednesdays, told the Fantom Penguin of the guidelines they used to determine the content of their lunches.
“I based it on what the regulations on school parties and the school parties, lunches — and the school lunches and parties were no longer allowed to do home-baked items, where things had to be processed in a facility to where we knew that they were safe enough to eat.”
And in the event that some item is found not to be in compliance?
“If any of the authorities was to come to us and ask questions we would be very much be open to the ideas of, you know ‘Okay what?  What do you think I’m doing?  What do you think I’m doing wrong?   What am I doing?  What do I need to change to do?’  And so far, with all the angles that I have checked on everybody has said, so far, everything is doing fine.”
The problem lies in making someone dependent on a Government system from cradle to grave and then utilizing that fear to control their actions. Case in point:

Social Security Checks Could Be Delayed Without Debt-Ceiling Deal

Obama issued the warning on Tuesday when he said Social Security payments and veterans’ checks, among other payments, could be at risk if negotiators don’t reach a deal to raise the debt limit above $14.3 trillion by Aug. 2. That’s when the Treasury Department says the government will stop being able to borrow money.
No “fear mongering” there?
So Legislators did what we knew they would do and Raised the Debt Ceiling without cutting any bloat from the system. Some “Gang of 12” Council will be formed to approach cutting $1.5 Trillion from a budget that will spend $6 Trillion in the same amount of time while increasing taxes loopholes Revenues in some slippery way that can later be defended during Campaign Trails. Why?
Because American Legislators fear riots. They have led those made most needy through increasingly intrusive social programming like a dog upon a leash. The Federal Government knows what happens if the canine ever realizes that perhaps the hand that feeds it might be the most tasty item in the Deli selection. Therefore it is best to divert group ones attention to group two.
Where might the second group of dissenters arise from?
People who just want to be left alone to live their lives. Take in point the recent Rawsome raid in California:

Venice Market Owner, 2 Others Arrested in Raw Dairy Sting

A Ventura County farmer, one of her employees and the owner of an unlicensed Venice market were arrested Wednesday on criminal conspiracy charges stemming from the alleged illegal production and sale of unpasteurized goat milk, goat cheese and other products.

From that headline one might think that scores of individuals were sickened and someone may have died from some evil contaminant contained within the food products. However that would not be the case. Of course we might never know what happens with the “gag order” as a part of a conditional release in place. (More history on how “Monsanto Monopoly” is involved in cases such as these).
Now if Cargill is involved, that is another situation. Apparently the USDA had positive samples from last year and four times this year concerning the meat producers issue with Salmonella contamination and waited until a viable “cluster” was found to ask for the recall. What many freedom lovers find offensive is that a small producer with no evidence of any “safety issues” can be summarily shut down while 36 Million pounds of Turkey can saunter its way into the Supermarket for sale seemingly unregulated because of the producers size.
Least the reader think I am a foodie freak, the above is indicative of most aspects of our current situation. Government and Large Concerns want the all encompassing “regulatory path to socialism” in order to remove private enterprise and success:
In spite of all the obstacles put in its way, private enterprise demonstrates anew each day its incomparable efficiency. New and better products appear again and again on the market and are made accessible to the many, not only to a small minority of privileged nabobs. The “common man” enjoys in the capitalistic countries amenities of which the richest people of ages gone by did not even dream. Not so long ago the socialist critics of capitalism used to blame the market economy for the penury of a part of the population, that is, for the fact that capitalism had not yet totally wiped out the unfortunate effects of the precapitalistic methods of production. Today they criticize capitalism for the “affluence” of the private citizen and suggest methods for depriving them of a great part of this “affluence” in order to enable their rulers to spend more for objectives for which the individual citizens do not spend, obviously because they do not approve of them.
In effect the only individuals untouched and unlikely to be a part of any future uprising are the Legislators and Lobbyists. Pitting the “Dependent Thinkers” against the “Independent Thinkers” they have no reason to become involved as they currently have what they want. Money, unlimited power and a ringside seat as we possibly descend into the “Riot Gap”.