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We will be discussing the kidnapping order out on Rusty, the ever growing recruiting of our children by the drug cartels not only for drug trafficking but use of teenagers as assassins,and the frightening and almost sinister shift in the last ten years on how the cartels operate here in the U.S. 

Over the years I have interviewed dozens of kids that work for the cartels
in many different capacities including murder for hire.  If the cartel was made up of middle easterners and they had sleeper cells in 49 of our 50 states, and they were recruiting OUR kids to accomplish their mission….the government and media would go into cardiac arrest just thinking about it…. But the fact is that is exactly what the cartels/narco-terrorists are doing…… and it exceeds anything the government or media recognize much less acknowledge.

 There has been a frightening and almost sinister shift in the last ten years on how the cartels operate here in the U.S. Those changes have been subtle and up until recently, completely under the radar.

They are recruiting our kids at an alarming pace to accomplish their mission.

It’s gotten so bad thatin 2009, I was hired by the border patrol to make a film that they could build an entire Narco-Terrorism Awareness Program called Operation Detour―specifically to educate kids from 12 years old and up about the hidden dangers

Of getting involved with the cartels. The program has been the most successful prevention program our government has ever deployed.

I think the whole country can plainly see how the “Colombianization of Mexico” is unfolding right before our eyes. Mexico and its democracy are hanging on by a thread.

The consequences of whats happening in Mexico is only now coming to the surface, but what worries me more than the “Colombianization of Mexico” is the “Mexicanization of United States”….