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The people who perpetrate events like these use “terrorist” boogeymen to plant in the public’s  mind fear  and the need for the globalist’s  planned  agenda—boogeymen like weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s), bin Laden, al-Qaeda, swine flu “pandemics,” global warming, Wall Street’s  “collapse”. 


 Parallels between Timothy McVeigh, theOklahoma Citybombing patsy who was executed for this heinous crime and the so-called “lone bomber/shooter” inNorwayhas been roaring around Internet like aWest Texasflashflood.

Look closely at this event. Do not depend upon public media for facts for they will not give you any.  Search carefully the Internet for information.  The truth is either already there, or will surface shortly. 

America has experienced three similar bombings 

(1)  The Murrah Building  bombing in Oklahoma City where the first responder on the scene smelled no fertilizer (ammonia) smoke upon arrival.  Other first responders found  charges still affixed  to the building’s columns while Washington was declaring “. . .we’ve evidently been hit by a Middle East terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City” (or words to that effect) before suddenly back-tracking. Shortly afterward, the feds called a time out (to ongoing rescue operations at the Murrah Building) to remove what witnesses said appeared to be explosives and ordnance; some from an ATF arsenal housed in the building; none of whom were present when the bombs exploded, according to Congressman Charles Key,  It would appear the Murrah Building bombing was a government SNAFU.

(2) The first Twin Towers bombing that failed occurred in spite of numerous warnings  from a government informer operating inside the perpetrators’ group.  These warnings  were passed to his handlers, alerting them it was going to occur. 

(3) 9/11, the official story of which has been completely discredited, discarded, and neutralized by the Internet and people like Dr. David Ray Griffin   who’s considered the primary big picture authority on what happened on 9/11.  Griffin has written a dozen foot-noted books on this event; which also shred the report issued by the government’s 9/11 investigation commission. Other professional organizations, such as architects and engineers, have applied and compiled technical facts as to the impossibility of the collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC-7 as proffered by main stream media (MSM) and government officials.

The people who perpetrate events like these use “terrorist” boogeymen to plant in the public’s  mind fear  and the need for the globalists’  planned  agenda—boogeymen like weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s), bin Laden, al-Qaeda, swine flu “pandemics,” global warming, Wall Street’s  “collapse”.  

The list is long.

Fear and lies

Fear and lies are part of the tools the Wizards of Oz use to further their appointed global government agenda that eliminates citizens’ rights and freedoms in the name of  “. . . protecting the public.” 

The people ofNorwayshould be particularly vigilant of attempts to sanitize the murder scenes of their bombing and shooting.  If these locations are cordoned off  the initial debris is swept up quickly and disposed of while the remainder of the bombed buildings are demolished or carted off or buried or sold to China or Bangladesh or some third world refuse dump; or the building’s steel is melted and made into a Norwegian ship; the country’s citizens need to make public officials accountable for the destruction of this evidence.
It is hoped the Norwegians keep looking behind the curtain until they find the real truth about this bombing and massacre. It may be the lone suspect acted independently.  And it may be that he did not act alone.  Regardless of what the truth reveals about this boogeyman, humanity will find itself staring at a psychopath(s)—whether one or several—who have absolutely no regard for humanity or life; one in the same as those behind the three American bombings  

 In this video, Gen. Ben Partin’s assessment of the OK City bombing during the first 25 minutes is correct, in my opinion, as is his assessment of communist/socialist tactics, and their need to disarm America like they did Australia, Scotland, and just about every other nation of Europe; the exception being Sweden among the Scandinavian countries whose ex-military members are allowed to keep the rifles and ammo they were issued while in the service; the ammo being subject to government control.  In Norway, the right to carry is banned  and if you’re a licensed gun owner, it has to be kept locked in a safe; subject anytime to inspection by police. 

Partin’s  assessment of the headquarters for the new world government (NWO) and the NWO-sponsored environmental movement being inRussiais incorrect, in my opinion. The financial operations and oversight headquarters for the latter two is the international banking center—The City—inLondon.  .

The City’s controllers (the Rothschild banking dynasty) funded the first Russian revolution.  Stalin executed their revolutionary  leaders  during his 1930s purges, and put a stiff arm in the face of The City until he died.  Those who succeeded him were infinitely more interested in their “perks” (bribes) and remained so until “the collapse” of communism was staged and The City’s confederates repositioned themselves in Russia (they now own controlling interest in Russia’s oil through BP, for example). 

The so-call world government will be appointed, not elected

It would seem that  a quasi-socialist/communist approach to world government—possibly somewhere between hard-line communism and England’s monarchy socialism—is in the offing as they (the bankers behind the curtain) zero in on the best way to control people under their election-less world government; for which they will appoint their own representatives.

Oh, there will be “elections,” but they will mirror the “elections” like those “held” inRussiawhere candidates were predetermined.   You know, something similar to our two-party presidential elections where serious third party candidates need not apply. 

During the so-called “Cold War,” which it now appears was staged as kabuki, Rockefeller and associates made numerous trips to Russiawithout restriction as did key envoys from The City. During this period, numerous multi-national corporations also had permanent, staffed offices in Russiayear-round.  For them, there was no ‘Cold War;’ all of which was reminiscent of the WWII oil giants  and other multi-national corporations that sold petrol to both the Nazi’s and Allies at the same refueling ports in South America during the war, as well as war machinery to both sides..

The hearts of decent people have gone out toNorway’s families whose loved ones died in their tragedy, and to the people of Norway.

Let the truth emerge on the Internet about this heinous crime, for it will not emerge from the Wizard’s  propaganda outlets, aka theMSM.