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We are on the verge of seeing the boomers, who have contributed FICA taxes for 40 years or more, pauperized.  Obama and the Gang of 6 (A very apt name, this is a criminal enterprise) are about to chop up SS, and medicare rather than cut costly and useless government programs or shutting down any of the unlawful federal agencies that suck the lifeblood out of the country. 


It is an amazing thing to me to hear those in the District of Criminals continue to spew the mantra that increasing taxes on the wealthiest will somehow cost us jobs.  Knock! Knock! Puddin’ heads!  WE got no jobs!! We have an admitted 22 million out of work. What is your excuse now?  Where are those jobs you promised if we treated the wealthy preferentially and absolved them of any meaningful responsibility to our country?

I believe the excuse for not taxing the wealthy has long since been exposed as fraud.  The wealthy do not create jobs, at least not here in the US. The wealthy do not invest in America to any great degree.  The wealthy are not willing to make any sacrifices in order to help stabilize the economy and reduce the national debt.  Why this privileged class is allowed to exempt themselves from the burden the rest of the country has to shoulder is a nagging question many of us are asking.  Maybe God could put a word of knowledge on the hearts of some of those pious Republicans who would see most of us destitute before they called on their wealthy friends or corporate donors to contribute. 

Why is it you will tax small business owners and working class people into oblivion but refuse to tax pirating corporations and uber wealthy individuals and families that are plundering the economy and the country?  

At what point did these hard core, bible thumping, scripture quoting right wing fanatics decide that it was morally acceptable to relieve their best wealthy friends (and themselves) along with mega corporate donors from any meaningful responsibility in sacrificing for the national debt, but it was just fine and damn dandy to go after the elderly and disabled after decades of plundering the investments in Social Security. 

Obviously it is far more acceptable to put the screws to the elderly, retired or disabled rather than ask those skimming the cream off the top to contribute one damn thing to this country. 

Killing Social Security

As it stands now, our Dear Leader is selling us out on Social Security and Medicare.  These programs, long the targets of the holier than thou hard right wingers, are hated because supposedly they are socialist! Ooooh!  I’m so scared now!  I guess the fascism of the right and the corporate takeover of America is just peachy as long as we are ok with leaving the elderly and disabled in the streets with no where to go. 

Social Security is NOT government funded.  American workers fund the program and had the federal government kept its sticky fingers off of it there would be ample funds for many years to come.  The government has stolen nearly 3 trillion in SS funds over the last 45 years and has no way of paying it back and never intended to.  They now term it an “unfunded liability”.  What they are telling you is that they (the federal government) owe you (the investors in SS) a boat load of money and they can’t figure out how to make you anti up for what they stole. 

Let’s get something straight here for once and for all: WE, the workers of America fund Social Security. YOU,  government of America do NOT! You stole our money, we did not steal yours.

The overall intent is to divert the SS taxes to Wall Street.  Yes….Wall Street.  That bastion of crooks, thieves, liars, cheats, and criminals of all kinds and stripes.  But you know you can trust them to handle your money wisely and fairly. After all, look how well they have handled everything else.  Those bailout thingy’s?…..let’s just forget about that.  By all means, let’s put our retirement money in the shadiest, most crooked, unstable, uncontrollable, criminal infested racket going (if you don’t include District of Criminals)…Wall Street.  

Just to help the non-existent crisis in Social Security, our Dear Leader gave us a “tax holiday”.  It seems that no matter what they did to it, the Social Security fund remained relatively stable; they even started handing it over to illegal immigrants who worked here illegally under assumed names.  So, to make sure the books showed a shortage Obama and the Criminals came up with a wonderful plan to make you think you were getting a tax break, but one which was intended to begin the shakings of the foundations of SS.  Did they cut 2% of your state or federal income tax so that your real tax burden was lessened?  No?  Oh that’s right!  They cut 2% of your investment in Social Security in order to reduce the revenue stream into the fund allowing them to claim “There’s a shortage! There’s a shortage!”. 

Who, in their right mind, would cut FICA retirement investments while simultaneously raving hysterically that there is a shortage in that same fund?  Do you understand how they just screwed you?  And they are planning on doing it again. 

Remember back during Bush the Dolt’s reign of terror when they “reformed” Medicare?  Why….it was going to save us 150 billion a year!  And it ended up costing us 750 billion because the whole thing was a gift to pharmaceutical and insurance industry’s along with major boosts to the medical industry.  Between donut holes where no coverage was provided and massive premiums and co-pays, many elderly were left without necessary medications, or were skimping on medications as a result of not being able to afford the uncontrolled and never to be negotiated drug prices.  That donut hole in coverage was the gift to insurance companies.  The hole was targeted so that Medicare paid just a little and then you have to have “Gap insurance” to cover an intentionally non-insured section of Medicare that appeared in the midst of everything for no apparent reason.  This left the elderly paying not only inflated Medicare premiums but also ramped up private insurance premiums because of course there were no caps or guide lines for what this private insurance would cost or what it would cover.  Most times, it cost a fortune and covered virtually nothing. 

Obamacare will add 540 billion in administrative, record keeping, data basing over the next ten years, to Medicare. 

I wonder why Medicare is going broke?

Knowing all this, I am still trying to figure out where that 750 billion price tag came in that was the actual COST to the federal government, of the 2003 reform. Who exactly were they paying off? And why?  Even if we spent 150 billion (and you never mentioned what was being paid in premiums, co-pays and out of pocket costs to the patient or if this was included in what you claimed the cost of Medicare was) the country could have saved 600 billion if you fools had kept your greedy, corporate hiney hugging noses out of it.

As the liquidation of America rolls on, I would like to ask those righteous Republicans who want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare one simple question:  “If you jackass’s were not able to vote your self raises, force the public to fund YOUR retirement and YOUR golden fleece health insurance, and if you were faced with having to care for your elderly parents or a disabled child without creating some way for the public to foot the bill……would you be so eager to destroy the most successful and beneficial program in our history?”  I didn’t think so.  This idea is good only so long as you are not subjected to it. 

And what happens if you force privatization?  According to Newt Gingrich at the fall 2007 GOPAC meeting…..why….you could wake up one morning and find yourself a …millionaire.  Yea! That’s the ticket!  And we all know before that ever happens, Wall Street will fail, the markets will tumble and your paltry investment in Wall Street will have vanished into thin air and there won’t be a thing you can do about it other than suck up for another bailout for the same people who blew it the first time around. (and the second)

We are on the verge of seeing the boomers, who have contributed FICA taxes for 40 years or more, pauperized.  Obama and the Gang of 6 (A very apt name, this is a criminal enterprise) are about to chop up SS, and medicare rather than cut costly and useless government programs or shutting down any of the unlawful federal agencies that suck the lifeblood out of the country.  There is no way they will tax equally or fairly the wealthy or corporations. 

  • I find it more than frustrating to know that 250 million is being wasted by USDA to con rural people into Smart Meters. 
  • I find it obscene that Homeland Security is blowing more than half a billion dollars on roving surveillance vans. 
  • I find it not only unconstitutional but disgusting that TSA is siphoning billions off the country to molest and assault us as we travel. 
  • I object to the 126 billion that it costs the federal government alone each and every year to support illegal immigration which is undermining the economy and American workers in every state while refusing to secure our borders.
  • I object strenuously to any foreign aid to any country while we stand on the edge of financial and economic collapse.
  • I not only object to the theft of land from the states under the guise of saving America’s landscape, saving the environment, wildlife corridors, pristine wilderness, or any of the other jingo’s having been put forward to implement Agenda 21 sequestering of land for non-human habitat so that it can be plundered by your corporate donors.
  • I object to having to pay for your health insurance especially when it is far better than what you intend we be subjected to, and,

I could have listed at least 100 other pointless, useless, money sucking programs, all created by the District of Criminals under successive presidents of both party’s that could be abolished, discontinued, and many times outlawed, rather than attacking the retirement of elderly American’s as you seem intent on doing.  And I didn’t even get to all these wars on behalf of the oil cartels.

If you want to save the country money and help balance the budget, try paying your own bills, funding your own retirement and paying for your own healthcare.  If you can’t do that…….just resign.  We could save a bundle if you just went home.


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