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“we have a system of privileged corporations using the congresses, the presidents and all the alphabet soup agencies to enact and enforce oppressive legislation, regulations, rules, and other enforcement instruments to drive independent competitors from the markets,”


I had to look up the definition of capitalism just to make sure my understanding of that concept was accurate.  It was.

Capitalism defined by Merriam’s Online

: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

While I hear one politician or another extolling the virtues of free markets and while these same corporate hiney huggers along with successive presidents admonishes us that we must participate in the global economy, I find myself wondering just how bad the negative effects of the global economy have to become before someone cries “uncle”!  As in “Sam!”  

CRapitalism defined:

CRapitalism is what we have.  A crappy system of preferential treatment for huge corporations wherein laws are broken, regulations are virtually non existent, and even if you get caught fudging the books, lying to congress and possibly killing a few thousand people due to your shoddy products or your business activity, you can get bailed out by congress or protected by the construction of special courts who will actively defend you from being held liable for your failure or responsiblilty for the harm and damage you have caused to individuals, the environment or the economy.  It is a system designed to redistribute wealth from the people and deliver it to corporations who control the government and all its unlawful agencies operating in collusion with the United Nations.

The concept of free trade works only if everyone is, allowed to engage in the markets.  This kind of competition in the markets tends to produce better quality products and services and the price control naturally follows.  This is not what we have.  Instead we have a system of privileged corporations using the congresses, the presidents and all the alphabet soup agencies to enact oppressive legislation, regulations, rules, and other enforcement instruments to drive independent competitors from the markets, securing those markets for predatory corporations which are operating globally and who incidentally contribute big wads of cash to re-election campaigns.  The concept of free markets is made available only to those corporations able to keep the District of Criminals and their enforcement agencies awash in funds and perks.  While the markets may be free for the big guys, they cost the rest of us dearly. 

That in a nutshell is, CRapitalism.

While agencies such as the USDA openly act on behalf of the United Nations in their march to enact all provisions of Agenda 21, Homeland Security does its part by launching hyped up hysterical sounding warnings about the dangers of centralizing the food supply.  (Remember, some terrorist in a cave on the other side of the world with an extensive computer system and a really hot secretary in a burka may be plotting against your cows or corn.) As is usual with all that goes on in the District of Criminals what they tell you they are doing or say needs to be done, is usually the opposite of what is actually happening.   In this case, HSD along with USDA and FDA and all the other bs agencies having been created are helping to assemble a system based exactly on centralization, but only if you are a huge bio-piracy corporation that can funnel money to them.

The Department of Interior with its organized crime force, the Bureau of Land (mis) Management, spends it time terrorizing ranchers and farmers in an effort to drive them off their land, particularly in the Western States.  Of course that is only when they aren’t unlawfully rounding up our wild horses and sending them off to slaughter.  They have to make room for the foreign mining companies to come in plunder the mineral assets while oil cartels frack the subterranean depths destabilizing the surface, contaminating water supplies and consuming many more times the amount of water that agricultural endeavors do.  But hey!  The BLM is just there to manage and protect our public lands and apparently the only threat worse than wild horses is! 

The Forestry Service has begun closing public roads in several states denying public access in an effort to sequester public lands not only for the Agenda 21 theft of lands for “biodiversity: non-human habitat zones”, but to facilitate the leasing out of these lands to foreign governments and investors to mine or otherwise extract valuable resources identified through land mapping being conducted across the nation.  The Forestry service has no authority to close any road it isn’t servicing on public lands but in several states are actively destroying public access roads to keep the public out of intended UN sequestered sectors.  The plan is, to take incremental sections of land, sequestering each one until an entire area that has been land mapped and identified as having valuable resources, is seized and put under United Nations biodiversity, wildlands and conservation control.  Once under their control, the corporate parasites will move in and begin plundering the resources.  

Land mapping is the identification of land containing valuable mineral, water or food production resources which will be seized by the White House Rural Council under the pretense of knowing how best to use, manage and profit from the land.  After all, you may not be wrenching every possible dollar out of it while you contaminate and devastate it beyond the chance of reclamation. 

In addition, just to make sure no valuable stone is left unturned, “a vast green army” is being assembled using social networks.  Kids can have fun now identifying all the plant specimens in their area and sending that information in to various agencies. Catching the kids when they are young and getting them involved in the theft of entire ecosystems for their new BFF’s in the bio-piracy world doesn’t pay anything, but by the time they realize what a stooge they were for these pirate corporations the damage will be done.

We are being liquidated and our national assets are set to be plundered and stolen by anyone with INC. after their name and a bag of bribery money.  What isn’t handed to corporate raiders will be gifted to the UN who will essentially be given title to private land in the US so that they can locate a buyer.  

This is CRapitalism: The ongoing destruction of sovereign nations, economies and ecological environments and the theft of private property, state lands in addition to water rights from private land owners. The theft of state or privately owned mineral, gas and oil assets. 

Apparently the federal government held a big fire sale of our national and privately owned assets.  I never got the flyer.