Delta smelt numbers ‘improve’ as pumps kill millions of splittail

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Dan Bacher/PPJ Contributor


Department of Fish and Game (DFG) officials announced on July 20 that young Delta smelt abundance this year roughly doubles that of last year, but noted that this is “but a small fraction of their historical abundance.”

“The improvement is likely due in large part to higher than usual flows from the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers this year that resulted in better habitat conditions and water quality,” according to a DFG news release.

The announcement of “improved” Delta smelt numbers was issued as one of the greatest fish kills in California history continues to take place in the state and federal Delta pumps.

A horrific total of 8,942,347 splittail, 35,435 chinook salmon, 385,392 striped bass, 49,812 largemouth bass, 67,383 bluegill, 66,403 white catfish, 20,178 channel catfish, 91,956 threadfin shad, 166,336 American shad, 1,642 steelhead and 51 Delta smelt were “salvaged” in the state and federal water export facilities from January 1 to July 21, 2011, according to DFG data. More

CRapitalism: The Liquidating of America/ Part 1


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved


“we have a system of privileged corporations using the congresses, the presidents and all the alphabet soup agencies to enact and enforce oppressive legislation, regulations, rules, and other enforcement instruments to drive independent competitors from the markets,”


I had to look up the definition of capitalism just to make sure my understanding of that concept was accurate.  It was.

Capitalism defined by Merriam’s Online

: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

While I hear one politician or another extolling the virtues of free markets and while these same corporate hiney huggers along with successive presidents admonishes us that we must participate in the global economy, I find myself wondering just how bad the negative effects of the global economy have to become before someone cries “uncle”!  As in “Sam!”  

CRapitalism defined: More

The Ultimate “Underground” Market (UPDATE TO THE UPDATE)


At least the Monks have Cajones enough to challenge this farce.

Louisiana Monks Win Casket Case

Federal Court Protects Economic Liberty by Ruling that Casket Monopoly is Unconstitutional

A federal court today ruled (read the court’s decision) that Louisiana’s government-imposed monopoly on casket sales in the state is unconstitutional, closing the lid on the economic protection scheme and resurrecting an opportunity for local monks to provide for themselves by creating and selling their handmade caskets. The monks of Saint Joseph Abbey of Saint Benedict, La., and the Institute for Justice, which represents the order in court, had filed suit to fight Louisiana’s government-imposed casket cartel.


I repeat, “A pretty sorry state of affairs when a bunch of hermits do what the rest of America won’t. Question why the Constitution doesn’t just apply unless you have the correct lobby group”.


Monks’ casket fight lands in federal court More

USDA Closing Roads to Public Lands While Opening Doors for the United Nations


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Investigative reporter/PPJ


“Mack cited a Supreme Court case in which Justice Scalia wrote a ruling for the majority that stated “The Federal Government may not compel the states to enact or enforce a federal regulatory program.”



COLORADO – (3/27/11, Denverpost.com)

“Montezuma County Sheriff Dennis Spruell is waiting for his conscience to tell him: Should he start handing out tickets this week to U.S. Forest Service agents who are closing backcountry roads? Should he cut locks on gates that shut off access to public lands?

The fact that a county sheriff is considering such actions against the federal government is a good indication that more than a run-of-the-mill dustup over road and trail closures on public lands is erupting in the far southwest corner of the state…

In recent weeks, protesters have marched on the local Forest Service and BLM office located between Cortez and Dolores, calling Forest Service officials “government pukes.”

OREGON – (3/2/11, by Sara Foster, NewsWithViews.com) Josephine County, Oregon -When Gil Gilbertson was sworn in as Sheriff of Josephine County, a rural county in southwest Oregon, in 2007, he had 30 years of law enforcement experience behind him, both in the United States and with various military missions overseas. More

Never Carry A Goose On The Glock Side

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Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I ask readers to once again read this inane experience to get to the final allegory presented. Y’all are pretty much above the cut of blog consumers, so I’m thinking I may be in luck.

In the tradition of many rural homesteaders, I had something someone else wanted. Geese. After the preliminary examination of said fowl – and I do mean fowl – a deal was struck. Without the entire “addressing of Committees” and “passing Resolutions before the Press”, we’d managed to hammer out a deal over the pasture fence in the intense heat. I’d herded the two 20 pound Toulouse down from the upper back 40 and was preparing to load them. Leaning down I slung “Thing One” up and over to my left hip. About 2 steps into the production, I felt the warm, gooey mess that leads to the term “loosey goosey” begin to slide down the inside of my waistband. Of course the cross draw Glock 40 on my left hip was coated with the odious mess – probably the most important resource I had upon myself at the time.

After the obligatory farm humor, I progressed over to transport “Thing Two”.

Now here readers is where the allegory of “learning from past mistakes” comes to mind. What exactly did I do? Did I think as the current Republican Party leaders and fling that sucker up on the same hip thinking “In for a penny, in for a pound” ’cause we’ll clean up this mess (debt) later. Or could I perhaps have crossed the party lines stating “I’ll just shift the shit dumping to the other side and hope it sticks”.

I’ll tell you what I did. I placed Number Two on the ground and guided it over. Sure enough a few steps into the process she let loose with the familiar gift unique to Geese across the world – in a harmless location – without fuss.

This entire situation gave rise to an interesting thought process. If in the past 49 years the debt ceiling has been raised over 74 times (10 times since 2001), what exactly are both parties doing? In the simplest sense of the word they are continuing the great tradition of stupidity. Reaching down and hoisting ol’ reliable “goosey loosey” on their left hip, they run to the nearest printer to whip themselves up a Bill to spend the cash no matter what is cascading down the waistband of the American Taxpayer (the most important resource of The United States).

The situation is neither as dire nor as “unexpected” as .gov would have us believe. The political games could easily have been solved across Washington’s pasture fences if either side chose to. What would be missing is the Political Posturing that creates great sound bites for re-election. They surely cannot have that. Both sides of the warped Washington coin will arrive at a deal considered “great” for the Nation as a whole.

It would be easier if all considered the issues across the pasture fencing stretching across this Nation – person to person versus party to party. Instead, I suppose after reconsidering that impossibility, the only words of wisdom I can propose are “Never carry a goose on the Glock side.”

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