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If you are brave enough to know what freedom stands for, take a look at Representative Ron Paul on PBS and complete transcript available via PBS website.

Here are a few of the quotes that struck me as quite profound:

REP. RON PAUL: Well, because I talk about a lot less regulation – I don’t like the regulatory agencies, but that doesn’t mean the free market doesn’t have regulation. The regulations in the free market are much stricter because if a company gets into trouble and goes bankrupt, the law – the economic law, which should be enforced by government, that company goes bankrupt. So instead of bailing them out, these companies should have gone bankrupt.

But you have sound money and free markets; you can’t counterfeit money, like the Federal Reserve does.


The footprint we’re leaving now – our drone missiles dropping bombs and killing innocent civilians, launched from the United States with computers. That’s not the kind of footprint I want.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Afghanistan. How quickly would you bring the troops home?

REP. RON PAUL: As quick as the ships could get there. It’s insane on what we’re doing. And I’ll tell you one thing about this business about the military: We just had a quarterly report, and they listed all the money that all the candidates got from the military. I got twice as much as all the other candidates put together on the Republican side, and even more than Obama got, which tells me that these troops want to come home as well because they know exactly what I’m talking about.


REP. RON PAUL: I think it is. I think age is very important, and sometimes I meet people when they’re 45, and they’re very old. And I think it’s the age of the ideas a person’s presenting, and is that person able to present these ideas? Freedom is a young idea. It’s only been tested for a couple hundred years. And we had a taste of it, and we’re throwing it away.

But what I see others are doing, the others, especially – and many of the other candidates, they have old ideas. It’s totalitarian, it’s the control of government, governments policing the world, militarism, telling people how to run their lives, running the economy, telling people what they can put in their mouths and whether or not they can even drink raw milk. It’s just – it’s just absolutely out of control.

But the idea that individuals are free, that they have a natural right to their life and the liberty, they ought to be able to keep the fruits of their labor, that is a young idea. So I would say, people ought to go with a young idea and somebody that can express them. And interestingly enough, it’s the young people that fully endorse my campaign.


Why one might ask, does Ron Paul’s “Return of Renaissance” to our Nations original concept sound so appealing? It’s not like he is creating some new and amazing political ideal never seen before. In fact, his theories return to the roots of our Nation.

Imagine the Second Continental Congress as it were. At that point, political discussion was polite and yet firm. An example is the factual presentation to the British Regime by way of the “Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms”:

In our own native land, in defence of the freedom that is our birth-right, and which we ever enjoyed till the late violation of it; for the protection of our property, acquired solely by the honest industry of our forefathers and ourselves, against violence actually offered, we have taken up arms. We shall lay them down when hostilities shall cease on the part of the aggressors, and all danger of their being renewed shall be removed, and not before.

Case cut and dried. We earned it by the sweat of our brow and we shall lay down our weapons when the aggressors are gone. Historians cannot point to a rescue by setting up a “Patriot Act” nor the search of Colonial Children to ensure their Tory bent could be found. The fight was begun, and ceased when danger had passed. We no longer have that luxury as consecutive administrations have ensured our fear through pathetic pandering and media propaganda.

Our current “forerunners” , minus Ron Paul, in this election cycle sound more like the Gang of Six that is “negotiating” with our debt ceiling. Does this in any way sound familiar?

We therefore beseech your Majesty, that your royal authority and influence may be graciously interposed to procure us relief from our afflicting fears and jealousies, occasioned by the system before-mentioned, and to settle peace through every part of our Dominions, with all humility submitting to your Majesty’s wise consideration, whether it may not be expedient, for facilitating those important purposes, that your Majesty be pleased to direct some mode, by which the united applications of your faithful Colonists to the Throne, in pursuance of their common counsels, may be improved into a happy and permanent reconciliation; and that, in the mean time, measures may be taken for preventing the further destruction of the lives of your Majesty’s subjects; and that such statutes as more immediately distress any of your Majesty’s Colonies, may be repealed.

It sounds as if we were begging to be free while the master whipped our back. Still – the Monarchy chose unwisely and listened not to the voice of the People.

Imagine the literal intestinal fortitude it required for the Colonists to clear their field, survive upon their own merit and dig this Nation out of the virgin soil of this continent. They did not require handouts from the Continental Congress. The USDA was not hanging about waiting for Goody Godfry to have her raw milk approved for sale. Mr. So-and-So did not wait upon the Freddie or Fannie loan to build the shelter for his future family. Soup lines were for Sunday’s and predators had four hairy legs versus the four flimsy aluminum legs of the voting booth we have today.

This Presidential Election could very well be the difference to accepting the normalcy of complete control versus a return to “free choice” versus “The Ones Approved” voice. And all that is not approved is after all Verboten.

Part of choosing to be free is accepting the responsibility of all that word entails. The American Public is afraid of this because once you accept the freedom of choice one must deal with the internal feeling of inadequacy pounded into “our” heads from the day we enter Society. If we truly want to return to the values and concepts that originally made this Nation great – we must elect someone who “walks the walk” versus “talks the talk”.

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