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Representative Ron Paul – Brave Enough For Real Change?


Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

If you are brave enough to know what freedom stands for, take a look at Representative Ron Paul on PBS and complete transcript available via PBS website.

Here are a few of the quotes that struck me as quite profound:

REP. RON PAUL: Well, because I talk about a lot less regulation – I don’t like the regulatory agencies, but that doesn’t mean the free market doesn’t have regulation. The regulations in the free market are much stricter because if a company gets into trouble and goes bankrupt, the law – the economic law, which should be enforced by government, that company goes bankrupt. So instead of bailing them out, these companies should have gone bankrupt.

But you have sound money and free markets; you can’t counterfeit money, like the Federal Reserve does.


The footprint we’re leaving now – our drone missiles dropping bombs and killing innocent civilians, launched from the United States with computers. That’s not the kind of footprint I want.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Afghanistan. How quickly would you bring the troops home?

REP. RON PAUL: As quick as the ships could get there. It’s insane on what we’re doing. And I’ll tell you one thing about this business about the military: We just had a quarterly report, and they listed all the money that all the candidates got from the military. I got twice as much as all the other candidates put together on the Republican side, and even more than Obama got, which tells me that these troops want to come home as well because they know exactly what I’m talking about.

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