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Join The Navy See The World.

A Global Force For Good.

Those were the catchy phrases used for years to get our fine Men and Women to serve. May I now present the new “face” of NAVY life courtesy of the Daily Caller?


Personally I believed this was an Onion article until the Navy Facebook site helped me understand why .gov felt it necessary to post this insane, degrading, and just plain ignorant “Poster”:

Eliminating sexual assault from our ranks is an all hands effort. Here are some prevention tips –bottom line: don’t assault people

Thinking, surely this is hacked I looked and found this again under “Wall Photos”

“Welcome to the U.S. Navy’s official page on Facebook. For more info, visit

And the “Official Response”?

U.S. Navy Navy fans, we’re appreciative of the interest on a topic that doesn’t get enough serious scrutiny. A few things we’d offer: 1) This is not a Navy-generated poster, but we extended it to get your attention; 2) As sad as it is, you’d be surprised how many people need to be told these seemingly basic things; 3) It’s everyone’s responsibility to stop sexual assault. Let’s get to it. (AG)

Not content with this, after all Government facebook pages are just as likely to be hacked as my own, I visited the United States Naval Institute blog, where further verification was obtained that this is indeed acknowledged as “real”.

No. No. No.

Sexual Assault is not a joke. Sisters, Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons, Uncles (because assault is not about sex – it’s about power) who have been violated in this manner deserve more from  the Armed Forces and their Government than some stupid poster. Surely as the victim lies battered with bodily fluids leaking from their various orifices their first thought will be “Gee – why didn’t s/he just hand me the whistle?”

Where did this poster come from? Why from tumblinfeminist – a website obviously intended to raise the I.Q. of individuals everywhere with the following type blog entries:

Women in the Bible- Christianity can not = feminism. Ever.

Man created God in his image: intolerant, sexist, homophobic & violent.

Well – that certainly puts the informative poster a bit in perspective.

However – I digress. This is the new “societal norm”? Insult individuals to motivate them?

I guess Never Again Volunteer Yourself takes on an entirely new meaning when faced with being addressed as if one is a 6-year-old child who just can’t keep their pecker in the proper place.

Who is ultimately responsible for this Fiasco and why aren’t they apologizing? Good Question – maybe they need a poster.