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Susan Smith – Founder of the Nebraskans Advisory Group 

P O Box 12052, Omaha, Ne 68112-0052

Susan Smith, born and raised in Omaha, Ne is Founder of Nebraskans Advisory Group a voluntary citizen based group who has exposed and opposed illegal immigration in Nebraska at the local, state and federal level since 2006.
Nebraska was designated by the pro-illegal alien groups as a “gateway” state for illegal immigration. Thanks to the determination of concerned citizens that agenda has been interrupted. NAG educates citizens and politicians on the negative impact of illegal immigration through rallies, legislature lobbying, participating in community debates and speaking out at every opportunity.
Susan and I will being discussing – the

Executive Policy 10075.1

by ICE director John Morton signed June 17, 2011
“Prosecutorial Discretion”
We will discuss………………….

– how it affects grassroot organizations in every state
– why this policy is better than “amnesty”
– what it means for state and federal legislation existing and pending
– what it means for local and state law enforcement
– what citizens may do in an attempt to overcome the new challenges this Executive Policy presents.
We will also discuss and share our thoughts on
EVERIFY, DREAM Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation



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