How to Arrest the Economy-Strangling EPA

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By Cassandra Anderson
June 30, 2011

The Supreme Court ruled on June 20, 2011 that the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions (primarily carbon) rests with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), saying that the EPA is better equipped to deal with the science of greenhouse gases (aka global warming, climate change and CO2).  The Clean Air Act has been expanded and the EPA is in a power grab for jurisdiction over vehicle emissions and is now planning control over utilities.

EPA enforcement over utilities will cause the following problems:

•  Skyrocketing heating (oil & gas) and electricity bills (click here to see Obama admit this)
•  Job killing restrictions on energy production
•  Blackouts caused by unreliable “green” energy (wind & solar)
•  Import of energy causing dependency on other countries
•  Increase in dangerous and expensive nuclear energy
•  Energy regulations dictated by UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development
•  Cap-and-trade schemes and carbon credits will apply to ALL items that are produced, so there will be higher prices for EVERYTHING!

The key issues in EPA regulation of greenhouse gases are:

1.  The EPA lacks Constitutional authority to regulate harmless carbon dioxide.

2.  The global warming theory is wrong and based in corrupt science.

3.  The UN directs global warming policies.


In order to understand this issue, one must comprehend Agenda 21, which is the action plan for the UN’s Sustainable Development program- the blueprint for depopulation and total control. More

Closed Until Further Notice

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Merriam-Webster Unabridged – IDIOT – definition 3.b.:

“a person who fails to exhibit normal or usual sense, discrimination, or judgment especially at a particular time or in respect to a particular subject.”

It’s official: the Land of 10,000 Lakes (actually 11,842 of 10 acres or larger) has hung out the “Closed”  signs.

72 Republican representatives (of 134) and 37 Republican senators (of 67) have cemented their place in history, stonewalling Democratic Governor Dayton into a shutdown of all but essential services in the State of Minnesota.

It would seem that the sobriquet ‘idiot’, as defined above, most certainly applies.

That this current batch of know-nothings has allowed the closing of all the State Parks on the Fourth of July weekend defies common sense.

But that could be the least of it. Also threatened is the welfare of some of society’s most vulnerable – children, seniors, and veterans.

On June 27, 2011, Elizabeth Dunbar, Minnesota Public Radio stated that the “potential shutdown could cost millions while causing long-term damage.”

A much more limited shutdown in 2005 under then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty cost the state an estimated $12 million dollars.

You might expect the 2005 shutdown would be a good source of comparison, but there were many differences, including the fact that Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the Legislature had approved several appropriations bills before the partial shutdown.

At the time, state Department of Employee Relations Commissioner Cal Ludeman estimated the shutdown cost the state at least $12 million, including $10 million in lost productivity. Ludeman, who coordinated that shutdown, told reporters then that it would take weeks to know the true cost of the shutdown, but it appears no formal analysis was done.

The time-worn adage applies: “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”
(George Santayana)

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