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Similar agreements are being made within the U.S. borders, with the Governor of Idaho making recent trips to China and opening up his state to Chinese colonization…


A recent interview with Texe Marrs added to the picture forming on the geopolitical landscape…
Keeping in mind that China has been proclaimed the U.N. model for nations…
And last year’s MSM articles on the vast mineral wealth in Afghanistan…
Afghanistan Mineral Wealth May Be Greater Than Estimated: $3 Trillion
As the New York Times put in back in 2009… China Willing to Spend Big on Afghan Commerce
“…Two years ago, the China Metallurgical Group Corporation, a Chinese state-owned conglomerate, bid $3.4 billion — $1 billion more than any of its competitors from Canada, Europe, Russia, the United States and Kazakhstan — for the rights to mine deposits near the village of Aynak. Over the next 25 years, it plans to extract about 11 million tons of copper — an amount equal to one-third of all the known copper reserves in China.
While the United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda here, China is securing raw material for its voracious economy. The world’s superpower is focused on security. Its fastest rising competitor concentrates on commerce…” 
But after this sound byte… no further coverage. 
According to Texe’s sources, “Secret agreements between the international financiers (the Crown) and Red China have been drawn up where U.S. troops will protect the 300,000 Chinese mining workers. In exchange, China will buy its mining equipment from (multinational conglomerate) Caterpillar” – as well as other ‘revenue sharing’ of course.
Also, according to the Marrs’ source, the Chinese have registered a secret complaint to TPTB that the U.S. troops are not doing a good enough job of protecting the Chinese mining workers – going on to say that Karsai is getting huge kickbacks and that one of the reasons the U.S. military will remain in Afghanistan is to protect China’s interests. They say that on the streets of Khabul, Chinese are everywhere buying up goods on the streets when they get their furloughs from the mines.
(Another reason we will remain in Afghanistan is to protect the opium fields. I had to smile when the MSM came out with the story that if the coalition didn’t get the opium revenue (with an estimated export value of 4 billion in 2007) that the Taliban would get it… the Taliban has all but eliminated opium poppy production in Afghanistan prior to the 2002 invasion. A bumper crop was planted immediately after the invasion – catapulting Afghanistan back into supplying 92% of the world’s raw opium.)
A similar situation has occurred in Iraq – as the Washington Post touched on in their article… Risk-tolerant China investing heavily in Iraq as U.S. companies hold back
According to Marrs… “Red China has over 100,000 oil workers in Iraq working under Petro-China – the third largest oil company in the world now – supplying 90% of the oil going into China. The reason we have 45,000 troops still in Iraq is to protect the Chinese workers that are operating the pipelines. While the U.S. has not built a new refinery since 1976, the Chinese have built 25 new refineries in the last ten years alone.”
“Chinese workers are also heavily employed in South America and Africa” – so apparently the suppliers of the NWO workforce.
The simpatico arrangement is also seen in the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other western magnates buying large estates and mansion in Beijing.
Unfortunately, none of this will be of any interest to the conservative ‘support of the war is support of the troops’ contingent in the U.S.
Similar agreements are being made within the U.S. borders, with the Governor of Idaho making recent trips to China and opening up his state to Chinese colonization…
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While many may see this as a ‘Chinese conspiracy’, I see China being just another piece being moved around on ‘The Grand Chessboard’.