“With numbing regularity, good people were seen to knuckle under the demands of authority and perform actions that were callous and severe”

-Stanley Milgram

Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Uh Oh.

Utah Representative Carl Wimmer might be getting ready for a “Milgram-isaztion” from the TSA over that pesky 4th Amendment. According to his facebook page from Wednesday:

Opened a bill file today which will prohibit TSA pat downs in Utah without reasonable suspicion. Texas needs us to stand with them.

I hope an aide or someone tells Representative Wimmer that the new battle cry is “Rue the TSA”. Poor guy even has a picture of himself holding a gun and dead turkey.

Hey. Wait a minute. This former Police Officer  still believes in the Oath he took? He founded a small business  which taught “Firearm training for personal and home defense.”?  Also a four-time world powerlifting and bench-press champion?

Maybe he should call Representative Simpson from Texas who Authored HR 1937 and ask for some pointers. Like how to dissuade other Legislators from being knuckled under by the Federal Government into “withdrawing” the future Bill.

Maybe those Citizens in Utah who still believe in the Constitution (and are willing to stand up for their rights) should contact their local Legislators.

The “Official” slogan for the Utah Office of Tourism is “Life Elevated”.  The only question is at this point, elevated above what?