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“As an aside here: I want to know why inflated taxation is not considered a penalty when applied to the middle and working classes, but is a penalty if applied equally and fairly to the wealthy? Someone?  Anyone? “


Jackass Alert!

While the regular folks in the US labor under a failing economy, massive job losses and uncontrolled illegal immigration, it seems those fine jackasses in the District of Criminals never run out of ideas on how to make life more miserable for those of us not considered “worthy”. 

Food prices have risen almost 90% in the last year, 60% of that rise occurring immediately after the passage of the fake food safety bill which was actually a forced export bill with 80% of our agricultural production now pushed into the global market for commodity speculation and pricing. 

Home foreclosures are still at historic highs.  Of course the Jackasses would never think of clamping down on corrupt mortgage lenders and seizing their ill gotten gains or putting any one of them in jail for their corruption.  That would be just too much to ask.

As gas prices at the pumps continue to rise without explanation it appears that the Jackass in Chief has decided it might be a good idea to attach surveillance equipment to each and every vehicle in the US and to tax us per mile that we drive.  This traveling surveillance tax would be applied every time you bought a gallon of gas.  

I have some questions:

1. How much is this surveillance equipment going to cost per unit?

2. Who is going to pay the unit and for having it installed?

3. What if it fails?

4. What other information are they going to gather?

5. What if I don’t want my car gps’d?

6. Whom has the government already contracted with to produce these invasions of privacy? (and you know they have!)

(For questions 1 & 2, the answers are…you and me!)

From the article at CNSNEWS:

“What I see this administration doing is this — thinking outside the box on how we fund our infrastructure inAmerica,” he said. 

Strange..what I see is this administration trying to find some other way of raising revenue without letting the Bush tax cuts expire on the wealthy.  Or, maybe a way to avoid cutting those 38 billion in subsidies to oil cartels. 

As an aside here: I want to know why inflated taxation is not considered a penalty when applied to the middle and working classes, but is a penalty if applied equally and fairly to the wealthy? Someone?  Anyone? 

Furthermore, so much of our infrastructure is for sale or has been sold to foreign governments, corporations and investors while at the same time what has remained owned has been allowed to deteriorate. So where was all the money in the Transportation Department going?  Apparently, considering the crumbling condition of our highways, roads and bridges, it wasn’t going there.

“It did work to build the interstate system and it was very effective, there’s no question about that. But the big question now is, We’re into the 21st century and how are we going to take care of our infrastructure needs … with a highway trust fund that had to be plused up by $8 billion by Congress last year?” 

Hey! Mr LaHood!  If you cut those tax breaks and subsidies to the oil cartels, you would have an additional 30 billion after you deducted the 8 billion you’re crying about, to take care of our infrastructure needs.

30 billion would go a long way in job creation by putting people to work rebuilding and repairing our infrastructure, rather than putting 38 billion in the pockets of cartels who are investing everywhere but here and who are simultaneously showing historically high profits. 

And one more thing Mr. LaHood….we don’t need no stinkin’ Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) to do anything.  What you are actually talking about here is the divvying up of our infrastructure assets and handing them over to those same foreign governments and corporations and calling it a “business model” (agenda 21).  The government funds these arrangements for the most part, the investor does some funding, and the whole mess is sold off in the end to people we never even knew were there.  Through government collusion with a foreign, or even domestic, interest we lose what we bought and paid for.

And on this Agenda 21 thing:  With TSA now interferring with our legal right to travel freely, unaccosted by criminals, thugs, and other government employees, this per mile tax is the next step in the UN Agenda 21 Sequestered Populations plan.  Many people will be forced into highly populated sequestered areas as a result of the additional costs and the refusal to comply with surveillance.  What is at work here is the systematic creation of plans meant to make it so difficult, so invasive for you to travel…you won’t!  You’ll stay right in your little center like you are supposed to. 

It doesn’t surprise me that when we are facing disastrous economic and financial difficulties as a nation, a plan surfaces which will eventually be foisted on the states, funded in part by the federal government in order for it to be enforceable in the states (this according to the “Unfunded Mandates Act”,) that will come down hardest on those who can least afford it. 

But this is not really about a new tax is it?  Nor is it really about our infrastructure, is it?  This is really about tracking and surveillance of the population.  This is as close to REAL ID as they can get right now. 

We are drowning in debt as The District of Criminals squanders the nation’s wealth and the best idea they come up with is a plan to put surveillance on our vehicles?  At what cost?  Who are they going to borrow THAT money from? 

Even if this plan was only to raise revenue, it would take years for it to be effective.  But that isn’t what this is about.  It is about surveillance of the US population.  It is about limiting your right to travel freely.  And, it is ultimately about the wholesale sell-off of our infrastructure.  

Part of this plan also includes converting many roads and bridges to toll roads all across the country.  That ought to slow up your travel plans.  

And why should we have to pay a toll on a road or bridge that we helped finance through the implementation of a “per mile” tax and years of gasoline taxes? 

Its appears a new propaganda office has been established to sell the public on the idea of paying this new tax.  The new “Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives” was set up to study the modalities of transportation and to decide how best to convince us that this was a great idea; Propaganda that we will be forced to finance.  

I can’t help but wonder what the cost of this new office position and all the bloated staffing that will accompany it will cost us in addition to what the cost to us will be at the pump. And heaven knows those “studies” will end up costing us kazillions for some bureaucrat to fabricate the “evidence” that will be needed to force this intrusion on our rights, our privacy and our right to travel freely. 

And those minor Jackasses in the House and Senate will do all they can to shove another piece of the police state down our throats.


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