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Allow PLAN (Personal Localized Alerting Network) to manipulate the information we receive and you give up any pretense to being a true “Patriot”.


It used to be called a “slow slide”, but now I am convinced we are currently on the “Perilous Path To Proper Patriotism” slide into the engineered hell of total slavery. Think this is a bit over the top? Well – let us take a look at what our Nations Leaders have in store for the pathetic peasants we have allowed ourselves to become.

That cell phone or electronic device that you cannot just do without? Well the privilege of blocking out annoying “Emergency Alerts”, excepting America’s “Dear Leader” of course, will be available with the new mandatory Federal Cell Chip. I am sure there is some official name for this piece of hardware although it doesn’t have catchy capital letters yet.

Some phones already have the chip installed – sort of like “What’s in your wallet?” only much more deceptive:

While carriers may allow cellphone users to opt out of receiving notifications from local officials and about Amber Alerts, no one will be allowed to opt out of receiving presidential alerts.

Some recent phone models already have the required chips, and forthcoming software updates will activate them. A list of phones that have the technology will be posted on the FCC’s website, Genachowski said.

The Personal Localized Alerting Network, or PLAN, technology will allow the messages to take precedence over regular phone calls or text messages, so in an emergency in which the system’s capacity is overloaded, the alerts will still get through, the officials said. Messages will show up on the phone’s front screen, instead of the traditional text message inbox, and arrive with a distinct ring and likely a vibration.

It’s not just in New York (home of every new reduction in person liberty due to the “terrorist” attacks on 9/11) my friends. Oh no. It is a National Plan so we all may share the chains of freedom.

Thankfully as pointed out by some brilliant “personal rights” individual, there will be no more tracking then the Feds can already do. I point out of course that little thing called a Warrant that is required will no longer be necessary. Why the hell should we worry about the absence of applying the Constitution to our current situation? No one else bothers to use the old damn document anyway. Surely the tracking information for each and every device owned by every American will never be used, just “stored” for posterity.

It would be funny in an ironic kind of way if Senator Al Franken, who never was a very good comedian, wasn’t leading the hearings now in the hallowed halls about the usurption of our rights via Google and Android. I guess when you’re the Government willing to help, privacy doesn’t really count now does it?

“I have serious doubts about whether those rights are being respected in law or in practice,” Democratic Senator Al Franken said at a hearing of a new subcommittee on privacy, technology and the law.

Senators accused the tech industry of exploiting location data for marketing purposes — a potentially multibillion-dollar industry — without getting proper consent from millions of Americans.

And what about those famous last words from 9/11? Remember them “Let’s Roll” being the most famous? Individuals who let the rest of the world know that they knew their deaths were imminent and that they would go down as free people. Maybe not in a place or time of their choosing, but by their own actions.

Imagine being somewhere knowing your time has come. You pick up your cell, Blackberry, IPhone, whatever to call that loved one. Your wife holding your child in her arms, clinging to the hope that somehow you were late, not there, oh god no…..only to hear President Whoever explaining in your ear or texting how “America is under attack but our great nation can withstand yet another”. Screw your right to say good-bye, make your peace, live your life.

Allow PLAN (Personal Localized Alerting Network) to manipulate the information we receive and you give up any pretense to being a true “Patriot”. Think that conspiracy theories exist now? Wait until those who die upon their feet charging the cockpit door can’t even relay the information to the outside world. Is it that the Government needs to know or what they don’t want you to know?

After all, you live in a Nation that finds it appropriate to allow some blue gloved thug to shove their hand down an infants diaper to ensure the only fecal matter allowed through the checkpoint is that which TSA allows.

Welcome to Amerika.