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   What happens when the Medical Community uses Guardianship to try to force people in to experimental treatment?
   What happens when the Family can prove fraud upon the court but the investigators at the State and Federal level look the other way?
   That is what Mary Ellen Taylor from New Jersey will talk about tonight. Listen to the tapes …………… The FBI, New Jersey Special Investigations Unit, and Attorney General’s office have all heard the tapes they chose to look the other way because of why the political connections to Politicos. Governor Chris Christie named Anthony P Kearns the III to be a State prosecutor full well knowing about our case. Ray Daniels and his partner told the Taylors in their home they could hear the tape clear as a bell.
The FBI stated there is no extortion, or color of law violations. The Office of Civil Rights in New York – Michael Carter denies Sloan Kettering violated Matthew Taylor’s Hipaa rights yet the Boston office of Civil Rights disagrees but says their hands are tied if Mr. Carter chooses not to prosecute. The FBI turns a blind eye to the corruption.
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