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Republicans in every state should just hang a big “FOR SALE” sign on the door to their offices.  Maybe they already did. “


  Minnesota Republicans join Iowa, Florida and a few other states colluding to protect big Ag producers from having the abuses and instances of animal cruelty, neglect, mistreatment and fetid conditions documented, especially in the media.

The Minnesota bills, S 1118 and H 1369 are almost a verbatim reproduction of the bills Republican’s introduced in Iowa just last week specifically criminalizing the photographing or video-taping of animal cruelty and abuse by industrialized corporate producers or anyone else for that matter.  But the intent of all these bills is to protect the top donors to election campaigns from negative exposure of the rampant abuse, unsanitary conditions and abject misery animals and poultry are subjected to under the corporate model. 

These new laws would be codified in Minnesota statutes Chapter 17. 

As these laws are a clear violation of the First Amendment and free speech, and would serve no other purpose than to protect corporations whose focus is on profits above anything else, I have to wonder where all that righteous, moral, “our values” crap went? 

In the last month we have seen the Republicans in almost every state launch bills to criminalize natural health alternatives.  In several states Republicans are working to bust unions.  Now they are working state to state to criminalize the documentation of animal abuse. 

Apparently Republicans know they don’t have a rat’s chance in a deacon box of winning anything in the next election, much less the presidency what with the, buffoons, beauty queens and hucksters in the current line-up, so every effort is being made now to work within the states to pass the Republican “We loves us some Fascism” agenda.

Just as in Iowa, Monsanto was on the scene in Minnesota passing out favors and probably a large amount of cash to buy the Minnesota Republicans.  See, none of this is about what is right or wrong, or what might be an infringement on your rights or what might best serve the public as a whole, or even what might produce a safer food supply.  It is however, about money, power, control and who is willing to pay how much to get their way.  

Republicans in every state should just hang a big “FOR SALE” sign on the door to their offices.  Maybe they already did.  

Why not give these Minnesota corporate hiney huggers a buzz and let them know what you think about them selling your rights off to their corporate ATM machines.


Who is supporting these bills?  The chief authors of these bills, Representative Rod Hamilton (R, 22B), and Senator Doug Magnus (R, 22) are the Chairs of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees, respectively. As Chairs, Hamilton and Magnus have authority to choose which bills they will grant a hearing, and enjoy tremendous influence when it comes to deciding which bills will pass. In the House, the following Representatives have signed on their support: Cornish; Davids; Urdahl; Dettmer; Anderson, P.; Drazkowski. In the Senate, the following Senators have signed on to support the bill: Rosen; Skoe; Ingebrigtsen;Sparks.

 S. 1118 

H 1369 

Representative Rod Hamilton (R) District 22B (author of H.F. 1369) 

(651) 296-5373 Skype or 800-735-2463 Skype

Senator Doug Magnus (R) District 22 (author of S.F. 1118

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