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“But. . .didn’t the CDC, FDA, AMA, WHO, and dozens of other “medical” officials  tell us there was “nothing whatsoever to worry about in getting the flu shot?”


 BigPharma and their town criers attempted to create the impression that a small amount of mercury found in flu vaccine wouldn’t affect the public.  

However, the National Coalition of Women estimated 3,500(+) pregnant women  who took the “swine flu” shot had miscarriages. Recall how pregnant women and children were rushed to the front of the lines for the shots?  

Recall also how England’s Medical Authorities teamed With BigPharma  to pillory Dr. Andrew Wakefield publicly? How it was arranged to have a technical paper he published pulled from their “respected” Lancet Journal for even suggesting a vaccine-autism connection? How the Lancet, British Medical Journal, Sunday Times, CNN, and the rest of the elite-controlled “press” had a field day—all because Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British doctor, said there might be a link between autism,MMR vaccines, and the gut? 

The question begs:  Why was this doctor publicly demonized; especially after the Natural Solutions Foundation filed a legal petition December 17, 2010, with the FDA concerning the known dangers of these vaccines.      

Now comes Poul Thorsen, the principal coordinator of multiple studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who  was indicted   April 13th on 13 counts of fraud and 9 counts of money laundering, according to a press release 

Thorsen had denied a vaccine-autism link in the lead-up to the “Swine Flu” pandemic, according to the release. 

The press release also said the emails included requests from Thorsen to CDC, asking that the agency write letters to the journal Pediatrics encouraging them to publish the research after it had been rejected by other journals.  

The release went on to say the charges relate to funding for the work he conducted for the CDC that claimed to disprove associations between mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal and increased rates of autism. [italic emphasis added]  

Hmmm. . .wonder if this means a strong neurotoxin like mercury is. . . a strong neurotoxin, regardless of the amount? 

But. . .didn’t the vaccine criers  say “. . .the shots were safe and there was nothing to worry about (or words to that effect)?”

The Age of Autism website  has picked up this story and pointed out related information in an article written by Dr. F. Edward Yazbak that was originally published by ‘Red Flags’ in 2005  .  The article suggests a central role for Thorsen. 

Pleas of ignorance or stupid or “accident” won’t hack it this go-round.  Try deliberate criminal greed for money (BigPharma)  and power (the eugenics admiration society).

Maybe a legal airing and warning to those who would deliberately perpetrate this vaccine travesty upon humanity for  profit will shine enough light on the dangers of thimerosal—and the psychopaths hawking it—to deter this madness.

If  the legal charges do stick to this guy, watch for bilge rats to start abandoning the dark holds of their ships of state where they’ve been hiding and scheming—coming up with things like false flu pandemics and Wars to End All Wars; deliberately scaring the public into following their schemes, scams, and cons—for the last century.

The people who tried to frighten Americans into taking the “swine flu” shot when they knew there was no pandemic, also tried to force the shot on the rest of the world under the cloak of humanitarian concern.

There’s name for that.  

SafeMinds’ press release concluded: 

            “As fraud charges regarding Thorsen surface, and as we believe the registry was    unreliable, SafeMinds is calling for an independent federal investigation of these        studies for data manipulation and scientific misconduct.

            “Further background information on these studies, the charges against Dr. Thorsen, and documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that support SafeMinds’ concerns are available on our website,