Massachusettes:”Contractual Sickness Industry Disease Management”


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While the Republicans continue their state-by-state assault on alternative healthcare, Massachusettes has begun fining business owners who hire teenagers for NOT insuring them through their businesses.  These  kids are all insured by their parents and even if the owner were to insure them, only the parents policy would cover claims. 


“April 11, 2011

A local fast food employer, employing 45-15 and 16 year old’s who already have health insurance through individual family plans is being fined by the state of Massachusetts. The fine is for not insuring them through his business.

The penalty was $5700.00, roughly, which came after his last appeal failed. The owner is now looking for an outlet to expose the burden of mandated health care. He is willing to speak to anyone who his the means to further publicize his story.

He presented his case live today, April 11, 2011 on the Ed Lambert morning talk show on WXTK, 95.1 FM radio out of Barnstable, Massachusetts. The owner identified himself as Tom, owner of the Kool-Kone located at 374 Marion Road, Wareham, Massachusetts, phone # 508-295-6638.”

As a side note it was told to me from a trusted source that this fine could have been worse. Well, right, that is one way to spin it. Then they asked if the owner had thought of hiring those over 65.

Is This Racing?


What do I think of the new, nose to asshole style of NASCAR racing?

Funny you should ask.

You didn’t ask?  Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

I think it is misguided, unsafe, and stupid!

Why do I feel so negative about this ‘innovation’?

Professional automobile racing has a long history of providing a proving ground for safety innovations we take for granted on the freeway:  hydraulic brakes, independent suspension, radial tires, traction control, unibody construction, just to name a few.

This latest fad on the racetrack will not go into that plus column the racing fraternity (whoops, sorry Danica Patrick) – racing community has every right to feel proud of.

It is a known psychological fact that teenagers, including the 40-year-old ones, will try to emulate this behavior away from the track.  Heaven help us all!

Unfortunately, it will probably take a tragic accident for the powers-that-be to reconsider these Siamese twin two-fers.

BLM’s sweet deal (paid for with your tax dollars, of course!)


Debbie Coffey   Copyright 2011  All Rights Reserved

Investigative reporter/PPJ


While many Americans have lost their homes or worry about losing their homes, and worry about finding or keeping their jobs, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seems to be spending your hard earned tax dollars like high rollers. 

The BLM has its hand out at appropriations hearings asking for even more money for their mismanaged Wild Horse and Burro Program.  Where’s your money going?


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