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Update: The photographs below no longer load nor are there any to be found. So readers will just have to imagine the small innocent faces of Pakistani Children laying  reposed upon homemade blankets likely stitched by their female family members. The ages ranged from about 18 months to 7 years. Nine little human children lined up upon the poor rocky ground of THEIR Nation. Bombed perhaps in the middle of the night while sleeping. Collateral Damage.

But you cannot see that Reader, because that is upsetting. That might cause you to question the actions of a government that takes your money to kill innocents. Of course these bombings must stop. Now.

Is it because of those nine children the United States has chosen to review the practice of utilizing Drones? No.

One of those little stories that you will not hear on the nightly news because it is just “too” confusing has caused this review. It seems that when the oxymoron “friendly fire” is applied to the bombing deaths of American Service Members, well then it is more than a “oopsie”.

The military is investigating what appears to be the first case of American troops killed by a missile fired from a U.S. drone.

The investigation is looking into the deaths of a Marine and a Navy medic killed by a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator after they apparently were mistaken for insurgents in southern Afghanistan last week, two senior U.S. defense officials said Tuesday. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

Yes – these men died in Afghanistan not Pakistan. The point is we are not at war in either of those Nations. We are not at war in any of the Middle Eastern countries either, however supporting NATO so far has cost upwards of $600 Million that we know of.

There are those parents who give forgiveness freely for the deaths of their Sons and Daughters. They were after all defending our Nation from…well whatever we are being told we should be protected from. In truth, those parents must forgive in order to avoid the thought that perhaps their children died for nothing but bad government policy.

Those men who died are free. Free from the burden of Hate, Greed, and Control. They rest in the arms of their belief. The rest of us must live free before more die.

Terrorists? In 1957 General Douglas MacArthur has something to say about that:

Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear – kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervour – with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant funds demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.



Yes. Those are dead children from the Waziristan region of Pakistan killed by United States drones like this:



True, war has not been declared in Pakistan so they are collateral damage – The Geneva Convention doesn’t apply. The only rights for these children are burial rites.

Very reminiscent of World War II’s German London Blitz – I’m sure they hoped to get a few “Enemy Combatants” or was it just to strike terror in the populace? The Blitz certainly made a mark in history according to War-Correspondent Ernie Pyle:

There was something inspiring just in the awful savagery of it.


Later on I borrowed a tin hat and went out among the fires. That was exciting too; but the thing I shall always remember above all the other things in my life is the monstrous loveliness of that one single view of London on a holiday night – London stabbed with great fires, shaken by explosions, its dark regions along the Thames sparkling with the pin points of white-hot bombs, all of it roofed over with a ceiling of pink that held bursting shells, balloons, flares and the grind of vicious engines. And in yourself the excitement and anticipation and wonder in your soul that this could be happening at all.

These things all went together to make the most hateful, most beautiful single scene I have ever known.”

Unless of course you were a child in the trenches:

Until now innocent Pakistani civilians have had to wonder – “Will I be next, my child, my house?” Recently  they began speaking up – and you won’t hear about it on the “Corporate News” channels in America. I found this in Germany’s Der Spiegel:

Relatives of Pakistani Drone Victims to Sue CIA

Almost every day, people in the Pakistani region of Waziristan are killed or seriously injured by drone attacks carried out by the CIA. Now a group of victims’ relatives is standing up to Washington — by suing the US government.

And even though their lives are threatened by the very “bad guys” the United States is supposedly targeting, they want justice. The United States response?

Khan achieved something else that ensured that he caught the attention of the powerful in Washington. He found out the name of the CIA’s station chief in Islamabad, Jonathan Banks, and named him in the writ. Banks was immediately withdrawn from Pakistan. The identity of the local CIA head is regarded as one of the best-kept secrets of the US Embassy in Islamabad. How was Khan able to unearth it and include it in the writ, which also names US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and CIA Director Leon Panetta? US diplomats already assume that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI had a hand in the matter.

Wonder when American Corporate News will cover this angle of the story?


Speaking of Mr. Pyle’s “tin hats” (mine is foil of course), an interesting little aside, this is the new drone purchased by the Miami Police department for “surveillance” only on January 7, 2011:



With its limited capacity it will only be able to “look” and help ya’ know? Drug busts or after emergencies like hurricanes, not-so-civil riots, or maybe even long-range protection for Officers wishing to serve a traffic warrant.

According to the article, the ACLU has no issue at all with this because it could “help the children”.

In fact the Washington Times reported in 2008 that “dozens of Police Agencies” are waiting for the approval to keep their “eye in the sky” and grants have been awarded by Department of Justice or DHS  (through earmarks) for this very purpose. Super-dee-duper-pinky-promise officials cross their hearts – it will only be used for a good cause like the undeclared “War on Drugs”!  No weapons ever! Well except for the possibility of ones along the border down there near the South-Western States – but for now “surveillance is the word”:

Yes, they are weapons capable Predators like the ones used in Pakistan, but targeting is so accurate there is no danger at all – look at the history…well…

But, but – in Pakistan the U.S. has a better kill ratio this way! Less loss of life for the U.S. Military. As of last summer, drones have killed many “enemy leaders”. Of course each of those kills come with 50 or so “collateral damage” statistics, but hey – when your sitting in Las Vegas doling out the artillery via video game, the odds game is just a number.

After all this is WAR sorta WAR. Anyone of those children could have grown up to be a gun-toting nut case determined to tramp upon our Country. “We” are bringing stability to the Region!

Nothing quite so stable as a corpse now is there?