Please join me on Thursday March 31st, 2011

The Ruthie Report!

This Should Be An Excellent and Informative Show!!! 
-We will be discussing the unconstiutional immigration bills Utah recently passed
-Updated information on where it is headed and
-What “We The People” can do to derail this amnesty attempt

Utah’s new immigration laws

HB116 • Authorizes a guest-worker program beginning in two years that will allow undocumented immigrants to pay fines and stay. Could be challenged as infringing on federal authority.

HB497 • Requires local police to check the legal status of those arrested on felony or serious misdemeanor charges.

HB466 • Establishes a partnership with the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon to allow workers to come to Utah using federal visas.

HB469 • Allows Utah citizens to sponsor immigrants. May be challenged. 


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