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 While I would love to believe that we invaded Libya for “humanitarian purposes”, the truth is more likely to be far less noble. 


Is it just me, or does anyone else out there find it strange that with the nuclear reactors in Japan bellowing out huge streams of smoke, one of them at least in the process of full meltdown and signaling their dwindling stability, and the threat of global radiation contamination, that the UN and our own government chose this time to attack Libya? 

We didn’t attack Tunisia when the people there revolted, and we sure didn’t go into Egypt when those people revolted and we wouldn’t think of attacking Greece as the Greeks rebelled against the thugs running their government, but we will attack Libya under the cover of “protecting humanity” from Ghadafi while the reactors in Japan smolder.  Well when the hell did we get so sanctimonious? I think it was most likely when a few multi-national corporations identified major water and oil resources they would like to hi-jack and Libya refused to co-operate. 

I noticed that when the people of Syria began revolting and “security” forces opened fire on them, we sure didn’t fly to their rescue.  Of course, we were attempting to establish better relations with Syria what with all that oil in their country and of course their strategic location in the mideast that would be of benefit if (when?) we decide to attack other nations in the area. 

“The two were killed when security forces opened fire on Friday on civilians taking part in a peaceful protest demanding political freedoms and an end to corruption in Syria, which has been ruled under emergency laws by President Bashar al-Assad’s Baath Party for nearly half a century.”

But now, perched on the edge of what likely will be a disaster of unthinkable global proportions, we and several other countries under UN orders, attack Libya, cause gosh darn it!  That Ghadafi guy is a bad man and he’s firing on his own people.  Yeah…….like our government has not done that here at home. And our government uses sonic weapons, ADS microwave weapons and a host of other high tech and highly deadly creations intended for no other reason than crowd control of US citizens exercising their constitutional rights.  How quickly we forget Ruby Ridge and Waco.  And how about when our own government used its sonic weapons on protesters at the summit in Philadelphia?  Just to name a few.

Through all of the uproar across the mideast I have been struck by all the political posturing, the political statements made by not only Obama but Hillary Clinton.  During the Egyptian revolt, Clinton admonished Mubarak to allow his people to assemble freely, to allow them free speech.  WHAT?  Ms. Clinton seems oblivious to the fact that we, the American people, cannot freely assemble here with out storm troopers present ready to open fire on us at a moments notice and the free speech she speaks of is under threat from our own government with regularity.  In fact, the only people who show up at rallies and protests sparring for a fight and armed to the teeth, are  the police/military/guard.  Throw in a few agent provacateurs who try to incite some kind of incidence in the assembled crowd, and you’ve got the makings of a massacre. 

President Obama recently stated that the unrest in one of these countries was due to the leader “not listening to his people”.    This government of ours routinely refuses to listen to the people and votes against the best interest of the country and the people, time after time.  Ah!  The duplicity of the politically connected.   This appears to be a case of only seeing the bullets in the eyes of the new enemy while ignoring the high tech lethal weapons in your own. 

You can think what you like, but I believe this attack on Libya was launched to create a diversion from the impending global disaster in Japan or it could be that Japan is being allowed to continue to stew in its nuclear juice so that an attack that was already planned against Libya could be launched.  Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste!

Then again,  it may have just been only an opportune moment to start another war for oil on behalf of the oil cartels; after all, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down and what will all those military contractors do if there isn’t some big life killing war happening somewhere?

The thing is, with our government so heavily controlled by corporations we don’t know and most likely will never know what the real cause was for any of this.

I also noticed something else strange in the MSM reporting.  While indigenous people in Iraq and Afghanistan who fight back against American forces and the new “image of America” government, MSM calls them “insurgents”.  You know…people who show up out of no where with nothing on their minds but terrorism (i.e., people who take a dim view of foreign troops invading their country to steal the country’s assets).  Yet, in Libya, locals who fight back against government forces are called “rebels”.  Whole different connotation there.

While I would love to believe that we invaded Libya for “humanitarian purposes”, the truth is more likely to be far less noble.  Libya has massive water and oil resources and most likely Ghadafi wasn’t about to let the global oil cartels plunder those.

And about all that political posturing and freedom talk from the District of Criminals, its just that…talk.   Obama wants a bill to stop whistleblowers of government corruption, causing them to be stripped of retirement benefits among other things. 

Homeland Security, the home of America’s Gestapo, is seizing domains across the net and closing them down.  Somehow the streaming of sports  is a threat to national security.  They also want to black out aggregate news services that gather reports from around the net.  Seems copyright infringement, which no one is complaining about except HSD, is second only to terrorism in the threats to America. 

Obama wants a bill with a kill switch for the net.  I think they tried that in Egypt and a strange thing happened…..people talked!  Word spread!  The revolution happened anyway!  Not to worry, I doubt you could get that much cooperation from the American people.

In the end we are faced with a series of unfortunate and oddly weird events.  I still cannot get past the UN devoting all this sudden attention to Libya, so much so that they passed a resolution to start another war, while Japan sinks into nuclear hell and a disaster of global proportions grows and the UN is relatively silent about that.  So, in fact, is our own government, the CDC, and the WHO (World Homicide Organization) and everyone else who is normally front and center in these situations.  Apparently, everything is going as planned.