Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved 


‘A problem arises as a result of family farmers and ranchers not having the bags of cash needed to dump into USDA and FDA to buy access as the bio-pirates do.”


While Homeland Security continues to claim that we must not centralize agricultural production because some terrorist might then poison vast quantities of our food supply, the USDA and FDA continue to rig the system in favor of corporate agricultural producers who are doing that very thing.  Maybe they get away with this because what these global corporations are producing can’t really be classified as food, or at least not as food we would recognize as fit for human consumption. 

Let me make this perfectly clear: there is no unnamed terrorist in a cave on the other side of the world salivating over the idea of contaminating a corn field in Iowa.  We know who the terrorists are, and they all have the word, “Corporation” attached to their names.  And they aren’t in caves either; many have very nice and spacious offices right inside the USDA and FDA.  

While biotechnology is touted as being the answer to the world’s food requirements, no one has stopped to ask why all this tampering with, mother nature was necessary in the first place.  Biotechnology has not caused an increase in food supplies as the bio-pirates claimed it would.  In fact, supposedly a world-wide food crisis is building and a larger percentage of people around the world suffer from hunger and starvation.  Now, one of two things has to be true here if there is actually a food shortage. 

  1. Biotechnology does not increase production as claimed or,
  2. Food is being intentionally withheld from various populations.

Neither thought bodes well for the bio-pirates. 

The results of all the tampering has been a contamination of natural food sources with chemicals, altered and unnatural dna causing organ damage in animals and humans, and the onset of systemic diseases. It fouls our water supplies, contaminates our agricultural land and renders previously highly productive agricultural land as unusable for future generations.  Absolutely none of it can be justified when viewed from the aspect of world hunger or even from a biological and agricultural point of view. And none of it was done for any reason other than corporate profits.  There is no other justifiable or valid reason for what is and has been done to the world’s food supply. 

If feeding the world and producing abundant food resources were the real intent of USDA and FDA initiatives, the focus would be on the abundance and safety of true organic agriculture; permaculture.  Our domestic family and independent farmers and ranchers would be encouraged and supported to continue to produce locally grown foods, and preventative regulations meant to discourage the contamination of the food supply by bio-piracy corporations would be the first line of defense. 

A problem arises as a result of family farmers and ranchers not having the bags of cash needed to dump into USDA and FDA to buy access as the bio-pirates do. 

Ending the use of massive amounts of chemically toxic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, all of which remain residually in the end product and which remain in the land and water, are poisoning us all to one degree or another.  Here’s the hitch: traditional farming using known successful methods handed down to one generation after another does not require buying patented seeds that require patented chemicals to make them grow.  It does not require entering contracts with unscrupulous bio-pirates whose intent is NOT to increase crop production, but rather to monopolize agriculture so that no one can grow or consume anything not purchased from them. 

The recent passage of the fake food safety bill, which had absolutely nothing to do with food safety of any kind, did make clear the governments’ intention of complying with multiple unlawful trade agreements.  The imperative in that bill was the eradication of, and the declaring illegal of, traditional farming and ranching methods.  In order for the bio-pirates to obtain full and total control over production, traditional methods, gleaned from generations of family farmers and ranchers must be done away with.  USDA and FDA spared no expense in promoting propaganda meant to convey to the public that there was some form of danger that existed where traditional agricultural activities were being practiced.

This was most evident in the war against fresh raw milk, claiming that because it wasn’t pasteurized, wasn’t full of growth hormones, vaccines and multiple other pharmaceutical concoctions, and the cows weren’t being force fed genetically altered feed which causes tremendous gastric distress for them,  it was not safe to drink, when obviously just the opposite was true.  

Neither, FDA or USDA ever addressed the real threat to health that exists in processed milk from residuals of the pharmaceuticals used to force an increase in production; one that resulted only from an accumulation of pus in the milk.  That, for some reason was of no concern, but drinking fresh milk from cows that weren’t pumped full of chemicals and whose milk didn’t contain huge amounts of pus, was and is considered a health danger. 

What USDA and FDA are advocating is the centralization of food production and supply in the hands of bio-pirate corporations.  As both of these agencies are privately owned for-profit corporations and are not public service agencies the concern is not decentralization or securing the food supply for the protection, health and safety of the American people, as they claim.  Both agencies are staffed with corporate personnel who rotate between the agencies and the corporations they work for maintaining a focus on corporate profits rather than protecting public health and safety. 

Centralization of the food supply will be in the hands bio-pirates.  It will be a few more generations before we know all the devastating effects of the contamination of land, water, animal and plant life and our bodies, but by then it will be too late.  Actually, I think it is too late now.