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“Where is all the feigned concern from WHO experts? From CDC experts?   Where is all the data they normally gather and produce and flood the public with in order to cement in our minds that some terrible something or other is out there just waiting to get us?  Why the silence?”


Saving the reactors?We are watching what will be a slow death for many Japanese as radiation continues to escape from the nuclear reactors.  The question on everyone’s mind is, “Why aren’t they sealing the reactors like they did in Chernoble?”  Who in their right mind tries to shower an increasingly unstable nuclear reactor with sea water in an attempt to cool the core when millions of lives are at stake not only in Japan, but also around the world as leaked radiation is carried into the jet stream?  And what if efforts to cool the reactors aren’t successful?  This is a question almost too unbearable to contemplate. 

MSM news this morning; it was reported that the sea water being used seems to be working in cooling the damaged reactors. The tag line running at the bottom of the screen reported that radiation is now being detected in Tokyo’s water supply. 

My concern here, aside from what is going to happen to the Japanese, is, what is going to be the result around the world as this crisis is allowed to continue to super-crisis status?  We’ve seen this before, right here in America.  First it was Katrina, then the BP Oil disaster.  In these two cases, as in Japan, there appears to be a somewhat slower response to the crisis than one would imagine, and an avoidance of what is known from similar disasters to be the faster most effective way of stopping damage and loss of life which could be of epic proportions if preventative action isn’t taken quickly.

In addition to these thoughts, I cannot help but note the lack of the usual non-stop, beat you to death with it til your sick of it, reporting in MSM.  Heck, I probably would know more about Charlie Sheen right now if I watched these “news” shows, than I do about the current status of the people in Japan and the reactors.  It seems we get a few blips here and there about this pending global disaster and then off to Hollywood we go to talk about how much cocaine Sheen might be using everyday.  Like I give a rat’s hiney. 

I also wonder what new chemical or biological agent is waiting in the wings to be dragged out and used as Corexit was in the Gulf disaster.  The profit from disasters is made in the clean-up.  Corexit, highly toxic, environmentally more harmful than the oil itself was dispersed with abandon and had the effect of spreading the oil over a wider area and causing huge amounts of it to sink to lower levels in the Gulf.  But the profits from using this known carcinogen in such massive amounts far outweighed any environmental concerns, human or otherwise. 

While America watched in horror as the BP oil gusher killed the gulf, and as the oil gusher was allowed to continue for three months while BP executives and government officials testified in front of phony congressional hearings, the oil slick found its way into the gulf stream and began polluting everything it came in contact with.  The hearings and feigned outrage from politicians, many of whom had accepted huge campaign contributions from BP Oil, slid off the American news radar and into oblivion.  We don’t hear a word these days about the ongoing pollution, contamination and killing of sea life.  And no one is saying much at all about what is now called “the Blue Plague”; the result of Synthia, a microorganism with a computer created dna that is self replicating, supposedly loves to eat oil, but can also infect any plant or animal, fish or fowl it comes in concact with, and that is admittedly, not controllable.  Now what?

In my opinion, the BP Oil gusher was intentionally allowed to reach crisis proportions not only for monetary profits, but also as an excuse to set “Synthia” loose in the environment. Now of course the question has become, how do you control a synthetic replicating dna microbe?  The fact is, you don’t.  You wait and see what effect it has on marine life, aquatic plants and humans and whatever other parts of the environment that comes in contact with it and then you try to squash all the news reports of sickness and death as you collect data.  “Synthia” was a product of BP and Synthetic Genomics.  Devloped back in 2007. 

So what is it they are going to experiment with in the radiation clean-up in Japan?  Who has some magical microbe or radiation eating bacteria they are going to spray into the air so they can see what happens?  What will they set loose in the water in Japan to supposedly clean the radiation from it?  How about the land?  What about the existing food supply?  

While the earthquake was a natural disaster, what is happening at the nuclear reactors is not.  There is nothing natural about prolonging the use of known sealants if for no other reason than to limit and keep minimal radiation exposure.  After all, these reactors aren’t emitting simple smoke that is harmless and the emissions are going to travel around the globe and no one knows for how long this will happen or to what degree. 

I find it odd also, that after the CDC’s attempts to help create a panic over the non-existent H1N1 flu and the insistence that we all get “vaccinated” against the threat that wasn’t,  that never materialized, along with the WHO (World Homicide Organization) why no global alerts over the danger from radiation being spread globally on the jet stream?   Where are all the warnings and alerts?  Where is all the feigned concern from WHO experts? From CDC experts?   Where is all the data they normally gather and produce and flood the public with in order to cement in our minds that some terrible something or other is out there just waiting to get us?  Why the silence? My gosh, even the  weather channel treats the reporting of radiation exposure floating in the jet stream as if it is some minor event.  

I speculate as I write these thoughts down.  What if the reactors in Japan are being intentionally allowed to continue to emit radiation that will circle the globe as a convenient means to provide cover for all the depleted uranium which is also circling the globe in vast clouds from its use in the Gulf war, and in Iraq and Afghanistan and across the Mideast?  Depleted uranium, highly toxic and deadly was first used by the Israeli’s against the Egyptians in the 80’s and was then used by the US military in Desert Storm in the 90’s.  It is the cause of what became known as Gulf War Sickness. 

 While the military and our government have consistently denied first that they used DU and then that it causes such problems, the level of radiation floating in our atmosphere continues to rise.  If the reactors in Japan continue to emit radiation, this would provide a convenient and current cover for the use of this deadly weaponized form of DU. 

There are too many oddities, too many possibilities to come to any firm conclusions.  What we do know is that the Japan nuclear situation, just like the BP Gulf devastation, and the Katrina event, all beg questions that no one seems able or willing to answer.  The possibility of a globally devastating event, looms.  However that situation is resolved will affect the world.