Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved


I’ll make you a deal……I’ll agree to union busting if you agree to help end corporations.


For all those out there cheering the union busting, where was your bravado, your passion, when Wall Street and the gangster banksters were robbing the American taxpayer and bringing the country to the edge of collapse with their corruption? I’ll tell you where you were… were sitting at home with your mouth shut. If you did speak it was to support the corporate overthrow of our government and our Republic. You are the same people who think a global economy is going to make you rich, and who parroted the neo-con mantra of “it ain’t fair to tax the rich” and how terrible it was to tax corporations who are registering the highest profits in recorded history while we foot the bill for subsidies, tax credits and the loss of wage protecting tariffs in all those unlawful trade agreements that serve to bankrupt economies around the world.

What we are witnessing is not only the wholesale deconstruction of our economy, but also the wage base that has secured a healthy middle class. Paramount to ending the middle class is to end workers rights. The right of workers to collectively bargain for benefits and wages helped maintain competitive wages across the board. Whether we belonged to a union or not, we benefited from them as businesses had to pay a fair wage in order to compete for the best workers.

Welcome to the new China! Now you can earn a few dollars per hour, watch job safety disintegrate and benefits disappear and work til you drop for companies that view you only as human capital (slaves)……not human beings. You have successfully allowed yourself to become a tradable commodity on the global market.

As the neo-cons re-emerge and frame the arguments, we hear the same tired and worn out statements about how your property taxes wouldn’t be so high if state union workers weren’t allowed to bargain over their pensions. This is such a grossly fabricated statement and exposes either a fundamental misunderstanding of state economics or an intended falsehood meant to attract that portion of the population that finds it necessary to target anyone but themselves as the problem.

Somehow this seems to me to be at odds with the arguments from these same predators about self responsibility. Remember those? The ones about how anyone who didn’t agree with them just wanted a handout and didn’t want to work or plan for the future? These people are working and were planning and somehow the neo-cons don’t like that either.

 Those neo-cons at work in Wisconsin, Minnesota and other states never mention the CAFR accounts that are carefully hidden away from public view. These are the investment and liquid accounts held by your state. While the new neo-con order rails the public with stories bout deficits and debt, they never mention these accounts or the fact that these states are nowhere near bankruptcy and actually could pay off all their debt in short order and still have investments left over.

While many of you attacked others for not saving and planning for the future, and while blaming them for not having enough income to save, you never stopped to think you could find yourself in the same position, did you? Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the new class of the globally poor!

While you cheered on the predatory practices of corporate robber barons, thinking that somehow this was going to benefit you, the fraudulently inflated housing bubble burst and we began the flood of home foreclosures. Did we nail those corrupt mortgage companies for their fraud? Well, no we did not. In fact, we bailed them out with more of your money! And more of you lost your jobs, lost your homes and in fact lost most everything you had worked for while the Wall Street crooks gave themselves huge bonuses for their cleverness. They never lost a dime and surely did not lose their homes or their jobs.

In fact, those of you who continue to support the neo-con elite, and who quickly and viciously turned on those who lost their homes claiming these people were just lazy, shouldn’t have gotten the mortgage to begin with, or were somehow not supposed to have had those homes to begin with, might want to rethink your position.

We are being systematically driven into third world status. Our border with Mexico totally unprotected and millions of illegal immigrants from many countries still flood the border; these are people who are now competing with you for the 1 job available for every 5 applicants.

We have Free Trade Zones operating across the country where foreign corporations set up airports, train stations, manufacturing and warehousing all free of interference from customs, immigration and many laws. These foreign corporations are transporting the unemployed from their home countries, here. To get FTZ privileges they have only to hire 10 legal Americans at most. Their work forces are brought in under EB-5 visa’s and after two years if they haven’t created any problems they are given US citizenship. Handy, huh?

Then there are all those who are hired by those corporations you love so much, who come here on work visas of various kinds. Hired to displace American workers and willing to work for far less than what the job is worth, these people come here and never leave…and you can never get one of those jobs because they will just bring more foreign workers in to replace those that meandered off.

While more than 22 million Americans cannot find work, even lawful immigration has not been halted with more than a million allowed to enter the country each year. This is going on all around the globe as various cultures, societies and religions are disseminated and distributed into countries where they are at odds with the population. This is done to destroy your sense of community, your national identity and any sense you may have of who you are. This is nation busting. This is necessary to instill the corporate global control over all countries. We must be divided, separated and surrounded by people unknown to us in order for the global corporations to control us.

Before you go off on a tirade about how its all those lefties doing this…..most of this was set up during Bush the Dolt’s reign of terror. The lefties came afterward and just continued the planned collapse of our nation.

As we slide into financial ruin, and watch as corporations and the globalists plunder one nation after another leaving economic devastation in their wake, you might want to re-assess your position. My advice would be to stand up with these unions and fight back. They are our last line of defense and stand between us and third world living standards. But you won’t will you? Instead, you’ll cower in fear and express that fear by parroting the neo-con talking points and by repeating fabricated stories about how the unions are evil.

I’ll make you a deal……I’ll agree to union busting if you agree to help end corporations. As an afterthought and one that my help you decide…If you put the unions and the corporations all in a box and shook them up, you would not be able to separate them. If we have to tolerate corporations running roughshod over our economy surely we can tolerate unions shoring up the workers.