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UPDATE : Illinois FOID Card Owners Still Struggle For Privacy


PPJ earlier article

Illinois FOID Carriers - Whatcha' doing on March 10th?

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Since yesterday,  13 Senators have added themselves as Co-Sponsors or Chief Co-Sponsors for the right to keep Illinois Citizens FOID information private.

Apparently they started receiving many, many, many calls stating;

“What’s this we hear about people being able to FOIA my personal information?”

Once again Illinois Citizens are making a difference by contacting their Legislators. However the Mainstream Media (MSM) is once again portraying this as a “losing proposition” for Gun Owners. The Chicago Tribune has this to say:

Members of the House Judiciary Committee on civil law voted 5-5 to halt a bill from advancing that would prohibit state police from making public the names of the 1.3 million holders of Firearm Owners identification cards. The measure’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Ron Stephens of Greenville, says he will keep trying to get the ban approved.

What is most interesting? There are no recorded votes on HB 7 the companion bill mentioned above. Who has become Co-Sponsor or Chief Co-Sponsors? More

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