Note The Happy Compliant Smile!

If the American Public wants to fly, they had better get used to opening up and surrendering their DNA. At least that is the proposal put forward by the following report:

New portable DNA screener to debut this summer

As with other DNA tests, the process begins with a sample collected on a swab, typically from inside the mouth. The sample is placed in a disposable cartridge, and the analyzer does the rest of the work.

“It’s the same process that occurs in the lab today,” Miles said. But “it will drastically make the system more efficient.”

Wow. That’s good to know. Although the “typically from inside the mouth” does lead to some interesting questions. What if you won’t open your mouth? How far will this go? A good example : Right now one can be forced to submit a blood sample during a DUI stop. California. Even Wyoming (long considered the bastion of free folk) has introduced HB 29 this year to force one to surrender blood samples.

Does a properly identified child need to submit a sample on their way to Disneyland while traveling with their Mommy and Daddy?

DHS’ Citizen and Immigration Services bureau is first in line to begin testing the new equipment this summer. A likely priority is testing people who claim to be family members in refugee camps overseas, Miles said.

That’s important because when a refugee is allowed to come to the United States, parents, children and some siblings also could be eligible to enter. Citizen and Immigration Services wants to make sure those who claim to be relatives actually are, he said.

Similarly, the agency wants to make sure children are who their guardians claim them to be. Usually, that sort of identity check might be done with fingerprints, but fingerprints of small children can be unreliable, Miles said.

How young should DHS start collecting these samples? What about at birth so that we have a “comparison” sample to ensure the little tyke is not a terrorist? Goodness I just thought of something – in order to compare DNA worldwide databases are going to have to be connected together to ensure that Brittney or Bob is really from Britain.

Hey – here is an even better idea – maybe one should introduce a BioMetric  World Traveler card and call it something catchy like this program that is being implemented south of the border : “Mexican Personal Identity Card”

On Jan. 19, 2011, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon signed an executive order requiring within the next five years all Mexicans 17 years old and younger have a biometric national identity card that would include a facial photograph, all 10 fingerprints, and an iris scan.

To carry out the presidential executive order, the Mexican Directorate General of the National Population Register plans to go to all elementary schools in Mexico schools in Mexico to record the required biometric information and issue individual identity cards.

Only this could be called the “Trusted Traveler Program” as out lined in this WND article:

WND previously reported that on Nov. 30, 2010, DHS Secretary Napolitano and Mexican Ministry of the Interior Secretary José Francisco Blake Mora signed an agreement expressing their intent to develop a Global Entry international trusted traveler pilot program between the United States and Mexico that Mexico estimated would allow 84 million Mexicans to apply for Trusted Traveler of North America biometric border pass cards for rapid entry into the United States.

Four years ago, on Sept. 27, 2006, WND reported that the Department of Transportation acting through a Security and Prosperity Partnership “working group” was preparing to issue North American biometric border passes to Mexican, Canadian and U.S. “trusted travelers,” according to documents released to WND under a Freedom of Information Act request.

The agreement Napolitano signed with Mexico on Nov. 30 appears to bring the SPP working group “trusted traveler” commitment closer to fruition.

As described on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website, the Trusted Traveler Program allows applicants to receive a biometric border pass to facilitate cross-border travel, after undergoing a thorough background check against criminal, law enforcement, customs, immigration and terrorist files, including biometric fingerprint checks and a personal interview with a CBP officer.

Oh Joy! You mean that if an American Citizen has a “Trusted Travel” card – they also receive a “personal interview” with a CBP officer? After all – this is an “agreement signed” between North American Nations folks. You don’t really think that this will work just one way across the border do you?

As to the DNA proposal in the story above, this freaky little quote should alarm us all:

The analyzer, about the size of a laser printer, initially will be used to determine kinship among refugees and asylum seekers.

Initially this will be used on “them” but not “us” because – hey – we are the good guys! At what point did grabbing ones “junk” or “scanning” ones kitty become a SOP (Standing Operating Procedure)?

Apparently last fall when not enough individuals valued their freedom and liberty to “just say no” to increased personal security violations.

I don’t fly and I don’t plan to ever do so again. Or if I do, I might just offer a DNA sample outlined in this .gov study.

Single-copy nuclear DNA sequences obtained from noninvasively collected primate feces.