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“Somewhere in a closed room—Washington, New York, hard to say— there is, in my opinion,  talk of  phasing out the most successful government program ever initiated for the common folk because the banksters, who’ve  openly  taken over the government’s finances are either unwilling  to bail it out or, since there’s not enough left in it to steal, are thinking about just shutting it down.   


Today’s elected thieves, Wall Street crooks, and international banking cabal are trying to sell Social Security’s demise to the country in the midst of the financial shutdown they’ve engineered with its accompanying 15 million unemployed and a 22% unemployment rate  (Click here to view link) .

Without Social Security, millions more would become as desperate as the unemployed.

Desperate people are malleable people if you’re trying to sidestep a Constitution and force an elite-appointed global government on them.

Social Security enables working men or women to tell corporations when they approach retirement:  “That’s it.  I’m not working what years I have left until I drop dead at my desk or work station, or until I’m medically unable to function. I’ve given you my best years.  Thanks, but I’m outa here.”

Social Security is the financial glue that helps hold our older society together, enabling workers to shuck their labor shackles. It keeps their homeless, sick, hungry, and hopeless to a minimum among those who’ve found employment or work throughout their lives. Social Security helps young widows and mothers raise children until the children are educated and on their own. It helps the truly disabled.  It allows the elderly to live in dignity after a lifetime of labor, or after being disabled.

A 2010 study done by Paul N. Van de Water and Arloc Sherman for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found that without out Social Security, according to the latest available Census data (for 2008), 19.8 million more Americans would be poor. Although most of those kept from poverty by Social Security are elderly, nearly a third are under age 65, including 1.1 million children. (Click Here To View Link)

The elite’s MSM propaganda outlets are trumpeting Social Security as bankrupt—it’s paying more out now than it’s taking in—and wasteful (what government-run program isn’t), but the vast millions it reaches have paid into it with sweat equity and money all their working lives.  Their dues are paid up.  They deserve a break and a rest if they haven’t been able to accumulate other end-of-life income; and many can’t or couldn’t. Tens of thousands more paid into the fund almost all their lives but died before they could collect.

The elite could care less.  Their motivation hasn’t changed over the centuries.  They’re still the same old vain, arrogant, greedy psychopaths as their mink-draped ancestors who worked serfs to death on their fields or slaughtered them in personal wars.

When Washington helped themselves to the Social Security fund during Johnson’s administration, it was solvent and compounding enough money to carry everyone to 2100 at the rate it was growing.  Once the looting began, each successive administration “balanced” their “budgets” with contributors’ monies until the surplus was gone; leaving in its place worthless IOU’s “. . .backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.”

Marti Oakley was dead on in her article on Social Security when she said:  “. . .Social Security is NOT an unfunded liability.  Social Security is . . . funded by American workers.  The federal government is the unfunded liability [It] covers this liability by stealing the retirement investments of workers [and leaving behind worthless IOUs] . . . [Now there] are those out there who are . . . trying to reframe this issue by claiming that there never was a Social Security trust fund, and that FICA “taxes” collected to cover your investment in that fund aren’t really investment “taxes”. . . [but are] just an additional tax levied on you for some vague reason and therefore its quite alright for the federal government to seize these funds for other purposes.”  (Click here to view link)

No point in privatizing it now, either.  The banksters have stolen everything that was in it. Anyway, who would manage Social Security for the people? Wall Street?  China?  Those wonderful folk what brought us global warming, swine flu, and the economic tar pit we’re in?

Then again, if the Wizards of Oz can print out trillions—the 700 + billion TARP figure you keep hearing about is a propaganda number they want to keep it fixed in your mind—don’t think for a moment they couldn’t print enough money to cover the fund’s almost three trillion dollars worth of genuine government “. . . full-faith-and-credit-IOUs . . .” that brother Al told us was secured safely in the fund’s lock box.

Instead, they’re now prepping the public’s mind with their The Big Debt Reduction Façade for eye-glaze and pointing at Social Security saying  “. . gawd amighty, you see how much those entitlements and medicare/medicad is costing America!?”

Or words to that effect.

Don’t for a second think Oz won’t toss Social Security aside like a fried chicken leg they’ve sucked clean, knowing all the while that what’s collected in taxes won’t cover  what’s going out in the future; not with America’s unemployment  and the rest of the world running away from U.S. treasury bonds like they were subpoenas.    

Essentially, what the propaganda outlets and these criminals are hinting at is:  

:“. . .hey, our banks were just too big to fail. . .Ya gotta understand. We just don’t have enough money to bail out social  security.  It’ll increase the “deficit” too much . . .You may have to go it on your own. . .We’ll try to find a way. . .”

.Pigs fly, too.

This Social Security/medicare/medicaid propaganda was kicked off three or four years ago by former U.S. Comptroller David Walker whom Oz sent trotting  around the country—re-enforcing Dubya’s attempt to sell privatization of Social Security at “town hall meetings”—city to city, showing his canned “Social-Security-and-the-entitlement-programs-are-going-broke” power point presentation to conventions, meetings, wherever large crowds gathered, etc.  This long before Wall Street’s cabal  printed and shoveled trillions to their morally hazardous bank-buddies who gambled and lost on worthless paper (CDSs, derivatives, et al) that they themselves originated.

Walker was prepping the public’s mind for what they (the boys behind the curtain) had in mind. 

In other words, the money changers knew ahead of time the inevitable financial crash resulting from what they’d done could not be stopped, but that it could be postponed with the worthless dollars they would print, which in turn would provide them and their bank buddies some time and another dash of cash.  

Somewhere in a closed room—Washington, New York, hard to say— there is, in my opinion,  talk of  phasing out the most successful government program ever initiated for the common folk because the banksters, who’ve  openly  taken over the government’s finances are either unwilling  to bail it out or, since there’s not enough left in it to steal, are thinking about just shutting it down.   

They can think like this because they run the treasury and have no fear of being prosecuted for the theft and fraud they’ve committed. Our courts—with some exceptions—are, in my opinion, still willing to indict.  The problem seems to be there are no/not enough honest government officials—elected or otherwise—willing to hand charges up against the hydra-heads who master-minded the looting of America.

Like they did with Enron.

Want to know how a nation/world runs/turns with criminals in charge and no enforced  rule of law, Constitution, or human rights? 

Think Mexico and its current dark ages.