Is This A Homeschooling Lair of Learning? Truant Officer to Investigate?


Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Youtube is a wonderous thing.

On the ground reporting provides information very quickly, accurately and cleanly. In the case of Illinois SB 136, interesting terms from State Officials can be viewed. Here is one example.

Please pay careful attention at 3:30 forward where Senator Luechtefeld questions Bill Reynolds (Truant Officer) on why SB 136 is needed.

The general gist of the conversation for readers without access to video is the following:

Senator: So will you be going into the home of people even if they are doing a good job?

Truant Officer: Yes. They might need help.

Senator: What if they don’t want help? What if there is no problem? Any person who registers will you be going to the home to check on them?

Truant Officer: Yes Sir.

Senator: So how will you know if they need help?

Truant Officer: I’ll know quickly. The ones who are doing a good job won’t let me go. They want me to come in.The ones who say Go Away. Well I guess I’ll take other action.

Senator: So how will Registration change what you currently do?

Truant Officer: It gives me the names and opportunity…..

One must wonder, Names and Opportunity for what? Why Homeschoolers? Why in the State of Illinois now?

If the public listens to Mr. Reynolds, apparently all those “hidden homeschoolers” who are cowering in their secluded lairs of learning might need a lift through Legislation.  By having that opportunity, no Obligation as he stresses at point 5:01, well anyone who says “We don’t want you around – go away” – they obviously are the ones in most need of “other action”.

Exactly what action? Observation? Judical prosecution? Daily Monitoring? Child Protective Services involvement?

As HSLDA attorney Scott Woodruff explains, most Homeschoolers are concerned with home and hearth. In my estimation they just want to be left alone to continue their successful practice of parenting choices. When a state choses through inept legislation practices to threaten the Freedoms currently enjoyed – activism rises to the fore.

Some individuals contained within this ‘tube deserve a compliment for standing up against this NIB. For the Readers ease, I provide the following:

Senator Wm. Sam McCann

Senator David Luechtefeld

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff (contact form)

As to contacting the Truant Officer or Department of Education Officials, well – don’t be surprised if someone knocks on your door to see if you might need a “little help”. Remember: Let them in, don’t let them leave, never say “We don’t want you here” or there just might be “other action” taken.

Also – why stop at Homeschoolers? Why not register everyone to ensure they don’t “need help” or “other actions”? I’d be afraid, very afraid.