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Gold Sales NIBS in Washington State


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Been laid off? Rising Health Insurance premiums got you down?  Having to eye that gold heirloom necklace that Grandma left you to buy a few groceries? Thinking of seriously speaking to your Dentist in order to have that “better economic days” gold tooth pulled for cash?

Well, if you live in Washington State, you may want to take notice of NIBS HB 1716 (PDF) which changes the current law in the following manner:

(2) ((This)) For any transaction involving property consisting of
a precious metal, every secondhand dealer or temporary, transient
secondhand dealer doing business in this state shall maintain wherever
that business is conducted a record in which shall be legibly written
in the English language, at the time of each transaction, the following
(a) The signature and photo of the person with whom the transaction
is made. If the amount paid is greater than one hundred dollars, then

Wisconsin DATCP: A rogue agency continues its assault on milk producers


Paul Griepentrog/PPJ Reporter Wisconsin


“A clear cut act of coercion, being forced to waive their rights just to market milk. “


Yup! DATCP won again! As Mark and Jane Brothen pled no contest to charges of failure to register a premises.  

Unable to afford or procure competent counsel and lacking the ability to represent themselves left them with little choice, after all the state run education system falls grievously short of providing scholars of the necessary information to obtain due process of law, and deliberately so. 

Jubilant with their boot heel victory over another family farm Donna Gilson, spokesperson for DATCP, rushed to press somewhat prematurely as her announcement was three days prior to the entry in the court record.  An act in clear violation of Wisconsin Statutes  §943.201 except for one thing; Mark and Jane are licensed dairy producers and as part of the application for that license were forced to wave their privacy rights and allow DATCP to do whatever it wants with their information. 

Even when producers try and make a reservation of rights the heavy handed Cheryl Daniels wrote: 

 “If a person wants to be a dairy producer, they must submit the application as written.  If they want a license, they need to follow our rules.  Premises is a term under our statute. Have them resubmit the application or tell them it will be denied.”  

A clear cut act of coercion, being forced to waive their rights just to market milk.   More

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