Why nobody trusts the mainstream media

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You already knew you couldn’t trust them to tell you the truth about anything, why are you tuning in?  Spin…the new buzzword to describe lying, is now taught at our colleges and unniversities.  Very little of what you hear on MSM bears any resemblance to the truth, unless of course its a celebrity birthday, crotch shot or DUI.

Homeschooling NIBS in ILLINOIS


Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Okay – Maybe the Nibbly Imperceptible Bills (NIBs) is a great idea. Here is our first suggested entry:

SB 0136

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the School Code. Requires the parents or legal guardians of children attending non-public schools, a defined term, or private or parochial schools to annually register their children with the State Board of Education, in conformance with procedures prescribed by the State Board of Education.

At first parents of Illinois School Children were a bit concerned, but Senator Maloney has cleared up his proposed registration requirements – he only wants the Homeschoolers:

In an interview with “Illinois Review,” Maloney stated that SB 136 is aimed specifically at homeschoolers as a means of keeping tabs on them.

“What we want to know is where the homeschoolers are. It’s as simple as that,” Maloney told the online publication.

In fact, this legislation was designed originally to force all non-government schooled children to annually register, but that is apparently wasn’t the in the program notes for bill author Senator Maloney:

In the “Illinois Review” interview, Maloney stated that he plans to change the language of the bill to specifically target homeschoolers.

According to the Legislative Schedule, this proposed Bill is scheduled to be heard before the Education Committee Feb 15, 2011 10:45AM Room 212. More

Lobbyists, Lethargy and Latent Lies


Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I like the number three and it has nothing to do with this post – sort of.

Let me digress for a moment to discuss exactly what “three” means to me. Three slices of pizza is about the right serving, three half-gallons of Ice Cream might last the entire week if no one has a fancy for an extra scoop or two, and three branches of Government was a great concept 223 years ago.

However those three branches of Government – Legislative, Executive and Judicial for Senator Schumers edification (who seems after 12 years of public service not to have grasped the concept of how the government is set up) – are failing in the original objective.

One would think a 12-year U.S. senator would know better than to state, “We have three branches of government: We have a House, the Senate, we have a president.” Yet on Jan. 30, he did exactly that on CNN’s “State of the Union.” Further, host Candy Crowley did not call Schumer on the error. So, either she did not want to point it out, or she didn’t know any better. Either way, she is incompetent. More

Truth Squad Radio with guest Lou Ann Anderson

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