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Killing America’s wildlife: Our cattle ranchers are next



Reported by: Marti Oakley


Secretary "Sally" probably peeing his pants over this one!

Bloody Ken Salizar (Sally), head of the Department of the Interior and his goon squad, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are now considering expanding their slaughter of wild and protected animals, in the Western States.  Apparently, slaughtering America’s wild horse herds isn’t enough. In conjunction with the USDA, another of those privately owned federal corporations that works against the public while telling us that their assaults on agriculture is good for us, Secretary “Sally” is contemplating butchering 400 wild bison that have ventured out of Yellowstone Park in search of food due to the harsh winter. The USDA is eager to help; supplying all the false science they can conceivably come up with to justify killing off another irreplaceable herd of wild animals.  More

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