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    “If, as the United States has claimed, there is no difference between GM foods  and organic foods, then why do US companies rush to the Patent Office to patent    it [and fight its labeling]?”


The US food system is rigged in favor of Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont and the other genetically modified seed manufacturers , their BigAgra confederates, USDA head Tom Vilsack, and the FDA’  “Food Czar,” Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto employee.

Taylor, the senior advisor to the Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, (DHHS) and strong supporter of  Codex Alimentarius, worked for a law firm hired by Monsanto that drafted and submitted the policy brief/outline justifying GMO food for approval to the USDA.  GMO foods were later introduced into the US food system as “equivalent to normal foods,” or words to that effect, with no labeling requirements  during the 1990’s.

The multi-national GM seed manufacturers refused to label GMO products because (1) they knew liability might consume them if links were ever established that their  GM food harmed humans  and (2) because few consumers would buy their products if a GM label was on the package.

Therefore, neither they, the WHO, FAO, FDA, nor the so-called “international food standard”—Codex Alimentarius —are about food or food safety. 

So if not that, what?  

(A)  Elite profit, monopoly, control, and power over the of the planet’s food, fiber, water, minerals, land (a global grab is underway), money (the economic shutdown is deliberate), jobs, hope, and humans,.  

(B)  Hoards running loose [like the destitute youths on Brazilian beaches] in the streets make them nervous where their fortunes and well being are concerned. Think Camilla and Charles in their car recently surrounded by loving fans shouting memorable slogans that have resonated with “rulers” through the ages.  

(C)  Reduce the planet’s “burgeoning population” (it is not ) and its “. . . useless eaters whose numbers could become a threat to our national security” as Kissinger and his ilk have referred to them.  

Enter genetically modified (GM or GMO) food.

Independent studies done on lab animals fed GM food lay bare possible dangers that include sterility, infertility, and reproduction problems, though no studies have been on humans to date.   

At a  Codex Commission on Food Labeling (CCFL) meeting   held in Calgary, Canada, in 2009, the U.S. pushed for no labeling of GM food, or foods produced with GM products in them,  despite the fact that an estimated 90 percent of the people in the world, including the U.S., want genetically modified organisms labeled.

Multi-national GM seed/food corporations say the only thing different between their food and natural food is how it is produced. Representatives from the 49th Parallel International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) counter this argument by stating:

            “If, as the United States has claimed, there is no difference between GM foods  and organic foods, then why do US companies rush to the Patent Office to patent    it [and fight its labeling]?”

The US also submitted a document at the conference detailing how labeling GMOs would, in fact, be in violation of  Codex Alimentarius,  Napoleonic-era regulatory gibberish that the international banking cartel, BigAgra/Big Pharma’s multi-national corporations, and the mega-rich wrote and  made mandatory for nations (including the U.S.) that unconstitutionally neutralized  the rights of  citizens once a  nation signed the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) treaty. Codex , already forced on the EU,  requires prescriptions for across the counter vitamins and other natural supplements, and also states, in part:

            “. . . food shall not be described or presented in a manner that is false,   misleading, or deceptive, or is likely to create an erroneous impression          regarding its character in any respect.

Would you believe genetically modified food is penciled in as a prerequisite for food trade among nations under Codex  and the WTO treaty?

The National Health Federation (NHF) challenged the US on its no-label stance, pointing out that:

  • The only way GMO food would sell is if consumers were ignorant of what they were eating, and
  • Consumers [that have found out what they’re eating] are demanding that GMOs be labeled. (Hat tip to the Internet.)

Multi-national representatives for Codex  responded that consumers would be “. . . too confused if GMOs were properly labeled.”

So the labeling question was again put off when the CCFL meeting ended.

And the people continued to eat GM food in America and elsewhere, as they have for almost two decades; many of whom still are unaware of its content.

Labeling and liability also scares countries and governments if possible health effects from consuming GM food—say diabetes, asthma, food allergies,  Morgellons disease, cell death, liver/kidney problems, low sperm counts and other fertility abnormalities—begin to be inextricably and causally linked to the long term consumption of GMOs.

That’s why the boys behind the curtain routinely demonize honest researchers that find dangers associated with the toxic products they’re shoving onto the public, including vaccines.

BigAgra and GM seeders and Oz won’t allow [the FDA] to regulate and label GM food because they know as soon as a GMO label goes onto their seed, packages, or cans—or a non-GMO label goes onto organic food—their piece of the food market is dead in the water.

And meanwhile, the world awaits results from the giant American lab where a whole generation has been surreptitiously fed  unlabeled GM food; the long-term implications of which are unknown because no studies—except on lab animals and the results of aren’t pretty—have been done on humans to date.

And meanwhile  the USDA continues on down the GM industry’s yellow brick road like a good serf; recently okaying the planting of GM alfalfa —which is sure to contaminate the organic industry’s meat and milk market because it depends upon hundreds of tons of  natural alfalfa annually.

See a pattern here?

Elite front-men continue to hawk GM seed and food

London’s Sir John Beddington,  UK’s Chief Scientist, also said recently   that genetically modified crops are “the key to human survival,” and that “. . . moves to block GM crops on moral grounds are no longer sustainable.”

I see.  I wonder if the good Sir knows that the only things a couple of decades of GM crops have produced are increased pesticide use, herbicide-resistant weeds, leached cropland, unstable GM plant driftings away from GM fields, GM plant propagation in the wild, and hundreds of India farmer suicides according to Vandana Shiva  who, once they were talked into using GM seed by Monsanto representatives instead of their own natural seed, quickly went bankrupt. 

No, Beddington was tapped by the people behind the curtain to front a false agenda in an attempt to get the public back on their clueless tract about GMOs, and to not be horrified at the thought of having to eat them the rest of  their lives.  His message is:

            “We’re going to use GM food to save the world from starvation. It’ll all be  okay, though, even if it’s morally repugnant to you.  Trust us.  We’re scientists.    We know what we’re doing.”

Or words to that effect. 

Pigs fly, too. 

The world isn’t starving.  In fact, there’s enough food to feed everyone on the planet 2,100 calories a day. And a couple billion more.

What Lord B and his handlers don’t get is that people aren’t afraid of the science.  They are afraid of the magnitude of the lies they’re hearing; and of being manipulated by those with no morals or ethics who would profit from science at the expense of people and their health. They see:

  • BigAgra, BigPharma, Wall Street, banksters, and the mega-rich clearly in charge of governments and the propaganda outlets (Main Stream Media).
  • Leaders without the moral courage to take the damning evidence—available and obvious now to even the “great unwashed” via the Internet—and halt this Nazi abuse of science in the name of corporate profits and political control.
  • The world’s food market being manipulated in favor of unsafe food and handed over to multi-nationals with the money to drive or manipulate or legislate an organic food industry out of business by dictating the food prices and laws [theirs] under which they must operate.

Think “food safety bill” Bill S. 510 in the U.S. senate that Reid quietly attached to a late-night funding bill, and Canada’s similar C-36 and CETA—all written by Oz for their paid legislators to pass.  This is why no one in congress reads them.  They don’t write them, so what’s the point?

As far as Oz’s end game, think Wal-Mart and locally shuttered businesses, then transfer that idea globally.

Beddington doesn’t want the planet fed. He wants to put the elite’s GMO eugenics program back on tract.

GMO-seeders fire a shot across the organic industry’s bow

The latest tactic by the GMO industry to throw a monkey wrench into the organic market is to publicly trumpet the “. . .capitulation of the organic industry execs to “co-exist”  in cooperation with GMO industry following a Vilsack-invitation meeting at USDA with all parties concerned. . .”

Or words to that effect.

The strategy behind the GMO industry’s headlines was to:

  • Slow down the multi-billion dollar a year steam roller coming down the organic market’s highway (the fastest growing grocery industry market in the U.S.) as more and more consumers vote with their pocket books at the checkout counters,
  • Create doubt in the general public’s mind about the organic industry’s message, and
  • Confuse the general populace about GM food and the bad people and corporations that have fed it to them for a couple of decades.  

These facts about the organic industry are not  lost on the GMO boys, their eugenic handlers, regular grocery industry execs, and the major distributors of organic products—Whole Foods, Stonyfield, and Organic Valley. 

Which begs the question:  Why would organic industry execs sit down with the Vilsacks and Taylors and Monsanto representatives of the world, knowing they were bought and paid for by the very people bent on destroying them (in marketing language), and expect anything other than what we’re looking at following the release of the “coexistence” headlines? 

Surely they knew their GMO adversaries—the same genetic ghouls the rest of us are forced to deal with—and what to expect from them by now?  

Unusual three CEOs thought alike about such a cutthroat competitor.  Nonetheless, chalk it up to naiveté. 

An Open Message to Organic Industry Executives

What we have here with the OCA release and subsequent, predictable, me-too headlines trumpeting the ‘cave-in’ of the organic industry’s execs, is a classic, public, partially true, guilt-by-association-where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire public hatchet job designed to drive the first head-to-head, sure-to-get-results wedge smack into the organic industry’s market.

It’s an age-old marketing tactic.  In politics, it’s called dirty tricks. Works when you blind-side someone with it. 

Here, in my opinion, is what the organic industry’s execs need to do:

  • Get the non-GMO label on every food they stock as accurately and quickly as they can, and let the consumers continue to wage war on their behalf at the checkout counters.


  • Staff whatever is needed in the way of GMO inspectors—like Germany and other EU countries use—to cross-check/certify every food item they buy and stock because the boys behind the curtain will try to make another run(s) at them publicly, probably with ‘mislabeled’ GMO products cloaked in non-GMO wrapping off their store shelves; trumpeting afterward their ‘finds’ like they’re doing with “coexistence.”


  • Keep these inspectors/certifiers paid up and working year-round in-store and in supplier fields and facilities.  Verify quality and supplier certification year-round.


  • Make a short list of honest federal judges. They’re out there.  One just declared the health care bill unconstitutional in Florida.


  • Retain the finest, sharpest, meanest constitutional legal counsel available.


  • Prepare for court battle with Codex Alimentarius (Reid’s “food safety bill.”).  The GMO industry is going to attempt to use it (1) to usurp the Constitution and our laws, and (2) as a means to forcibly take over the organic industry and its market, consumers, and the food they eat.  

It’s the non-GMO label that the GM industry most fears because they know it will successfully differentiate the organic industry from them long-term.  Ramp it up. DO NOT ask Vilsack or Taylor for permission to do so because they DO NOT have the organic industry or humanity at heart. Consumers will continue to buy certified non-GMO labeled food. And new converts will continue to turn away from processed industrial food unless Oz flips the Internet switch. 

The food either is or isn’t genetically modified—that’s your brand.  Strengthen it with your inspectors and certification.  Make it part of your business model just like the GMO seeders make bribes a part of theirs.  The world knows what they’re about now.  That’s why they’re trying to create doubt in organic consumers’ minds.   

Your market is still there. What the GM industry has done is taken off the gloves and thrown a punch at the stiff-arm the organic industry has kept in their face. Strengthen your natural organic industry position. Do not pull punches or depend upon government food and drug officials for support because the GMO  industry owns them.  It’s part and parcel of the way they do business.  Reed and his “food safety bill” is your poster boy 

Round one to the GM industry; an opening skirmish but easily countered. 

And yes,  they have deep pockets but that’s about all they have going for them right now. More than ninety percent of the rest of humanity who know about GM food don’t want it and are standing in your corner, thanks to the Internet. 

The GMO industry drug humanity into this food war, not the other way around.  And it’s more than just about organic food.   It’s about what is in the genetically modified food, the evil intentions behind its use,  the attempted distribution of this food to the rest of world, and The Chosen’s attempts to force the global hungry to eat it. 

It doesn’t get a whole lot more important to humanity and the big picture than that. 

Lead.  Do right.  Do good.