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Back in October PPJ blogged about “Health Care Hikes Continue As The Economy Apparently Improves.” and the month before we discussed “Health Care Hoopla Continues.” in which a fast food company basically said:

“No we are not participating in ObamaCare, then issued a statement denying the memo obtained by the WSJ and Bloomberg News, and then surprisingly ended up on the “Waiver” from the new Federal Health Care.”

Waiver? Why are we now just hearing about this? When constituents mentioned back in September to our Legislators and the Press about these “waivers”,  it was pointed out that “just a few” would participate. As of December 3rd, 2010 there are 1.5 million “exempt” persons. Of course without any Transparency Czar replacement since August, this number is probably much higher at this point, but we’ll never know now will we?

So who/whom is contained upon this “magical don’t tax me extra because I cannot afford it and may contribute to your re-election fund” list? Let’s see shall we? (Before moving on to the below link know that surprisingly a computer error was invoked each time I attempted to “cut and paste” to provide the information to the reader.)

Approved Applications for Waiver of the Annual Limits

Requirements of the PHS Act Section 2711 as of December 3,


From the data represented, 22.9% are Union Shops…wonder which political party they traditionally support? What else is curious about these numbers? 4 of the top 5 “waivers”  granted went to Health Insurance Providers for a total of 904,423 individuals – a whopping 60%. Wow. Just one of those number things I guess.

So I suppose that it comes as no big “shock” that the House, who wants to repeal ObamaCare or replace it with their own power trip regulations, has decided to appoint a Blue Ribbon Panel of some sort to investigate the Waivers and see if they might be *gasp* politically motivated! Who is the idiot savant which followed PPJs lead to look into this little scam seemingly confusing detail of ObamaCare?

From Wisconsin we introduce Representative Fred Upton. Man of many quotes:

Thumbs Up For Censorship!

“For those broadcasters who are less than responsible, the FCC needs to have sharper teeth to enforce the law.”

Thumbs Up For Nanny State Light Bulb Legislation!

Upton (R-Mich.) teamed up with California Democratic Rep. Jane Harman on 2007 legislation aimed at phasing out the use of incandescent light bulbs in favor of more energy efficient bulbs. That language eventually became law as part of a larger energy bill. The pair co-sponsored another bill this May to establish another round of efficient light bulb standards.

He voted for TARP, the Bailouts including the Clash for Clunkers, and to see the rest of his record look here.

So here is my little idea for the day. Why spend additional money “investigating the evvvviiillllssss” of the past waiver system, scrap the entire ObamaCare system, and don’t write any new “Federal Health Care” legislation?

Focus elected officials. Focus.


Because the American Public is watching very closely. What happened in the ’10 election can happen again.



Obamacare Waivers Jump


229 to 729 Covering

2.2 Million Employees

Interesting. Of course this is “perfect political planning”. Each year the application process must be renewed. One wonders just how long it will be until a “fee” is associated with the process.

Here is the list to find out if you too are part of the “elite” to be granted immunity from this odious process.

What if every business applied for the waiver? Now that would be a case of creative monkey-wrenching-disobedience now wouldn’t it? If we all become the “non-paying-elite” – who will fund  ObamaCare? Lets not wait for Legislators to defund this – let American Business do so – one waiver at a time.