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This is a “Nice” Newsweek Article with telling graphic and this quote among from the eminent recruiter who is – uh – retired due to “loose lips sinking some ships” in bar talk with a Rolling Stone reporter:

“Responsibility is most easily accepted when the need is clear and expectations are defined by tradition.”

Back to “buck up folks” the Propaganda Machine is in full form! Remember these?

I can post the above “blast from the past”, but not this one which should be attributed to Newsweek (so I don’t get sued for violating any copyright law):

Or the above, which calls us “all”, but not to the Newsweek graphic (did I mention that there is a copyright law?).

Now this one is amazing, but not as good as the copyrighted tear jerker over at Newsweek:

This one, well – she isn’t carrying a shovel so that makes this “Propaganda”, but it’s the shovel that makes the difference over at Newsweek:

Now obviously these people have gardening implements and the whole “Rise Countryman” thing, but no “rising sun” behind them to silhouette the crowd, so this is definitely propaganda while the one at Newsweek – it’s not.

Rise, All Japanese Citizens (Imperial Rule Assistance Association, 1940)

Any questions?