by  Alan Adaschik

This article was written originally during the Bush2 Admin.  It is more relevant now than ever.


“A true American realizes and believes that government is a necessary evil which left unchecked will become our master and not our servant.  He or she also knows that a political party is nothing more than a special interest group whose primary motivation is self-perpetuation.”


The thing most feared by our Founding Fathers was the gullibility of the masses whereby a demigod or group of demigods cater to and capitalize upon commonly held misconceptions and fears and lead the Nation down a path that is not in our best interest.  The end result being that the actions taken are of benefit only to the ruling elite at our expense.  In the United States of America today, this fear of our Founding Fathers has been realized.  Our government no longer abides by the most important and key provisions of our Constitution and only pays lip service to what remains to make Joe Blow citizen think he or she is free and living a democratic society.The problem faced by those who see through the hypocrisy is that most Americans are not aware that a problem exists.  The reasons for this are that they lack the intellectual capacity to figure things our for themselves, they fail to understand that our own government can be our biggest threat and worst enemy, and because things have degenerated so far in our society that the economic well-being of far too many citizens and institutions are dependent upon government largess and subsidies.  In other words, our government has deteriorated to the point where it bribes us with our own money and as a result, Americans view Uncle Sam as a benevolent sugar daddy irrespective of constitutional concerns and whatever wrongful and deplorable activities the government is up to behind our backs.

For all the above reasons, reform and change is just about impossible and if our Founding Fathers suddenly appeared on the scene today, to a man, they would be reaching for their muskets and rising up against what they would surly view as a corrupt, oppressive, and out of control government.  Unfortunately, in the United States of America today, such action would be foolish, counter productive, and suicidal.  Beyond this, it would also mean the useless and unconscionable slaughter of far too many innocent people.  Armed rebellion or insurrection is not the answer and if the reform movement is to succeed, it must rid itself of those prone to violence or those who would urge others to violence.  To be sure, any illegal action taken by those who profess to be a part of the reform movement will work against our cause and be used by those who oppress us to their advantage. 

If reform and changes of substance are just about impossible, what can we do to save ourselves?  The road ahead is tough and arduous but with determination, and persistence we can succeed.  The primary weapons available in our war to win the minds and hearts of the American people are education, demonstrations, and marches on Washington, passive resistance, and civil disobedience.  Of these, education is the most important because it is the key to the success of the other tools.  Most Americans still subscribe to the principles of governing held by the Founders and enshrined within our Constitution.  The problem is that they are so brainwashed that they are not able to see our government for what it really is and even if they do, think that there is nothing that can be done to rectify the situation.  Education is the key to solving these problems.  We must deprogram the citizens of this Nation such that they stop being good Republicans or Democrats and start being good Americans.

 Our government no longer operates by or cares about reason, logic, common sense, truth, legalities, our Constitution, the best interests of citizens, or America itself.  Therefore, the only thing that will get their attention is the force of numbers behind an aroused citizenry.  The only possible way of increasing our numbers is by waking up the sleeping majority through education.  Educating people will bring more citizens into our camp and this will make all the other weapons in our arsenal more effective.  If enough of us are alarmed by the same concerns and act decisively to air them, the media will no longer be able to ignore us.  Once we get media attention, we will have everyone else’s attention and this will herald the end of the despotism which we now endure.  Conspiracy, subterfuge, and deception cannot thrive in sunshine and with daylight illuminating the hidden agenda of our oppressors it will crumble and wither because there is nothing that supports their agenda other than the lust for power and petty self-interest. 

A true American realizes and believes that government is a necessary evil which left unchecked will become our master and not our servant.  He or she also knows that a political party is nothing more than a special interest group whose primary motivation is self-perpetuation.  For a political party to be successful, it takes money; lots of it.  When dollars control a political party’s agenda, then that agenda will not be what is best for this Nation.  Therefore, a true American never puts loyalty to a political party above governing principles and the Nation’s interests.

People who do and vote strictly along party lines are not only fools but un-American as well.  It is these blindly loyal people who allow a political party to pursue its own interests at the expense of the rest of us.  True Americans know that the power of government is derived from the consent of the governed and that the interests of individual citizens are far more important than the interests of those pledged to serve us, including the President.  Finally, a true American believes our rights are given to us by a higher authority and that no government has a legitimate power to subvert or take them away. 

Unfortunately, in American today, while most of us still understand what it means to be an American, the majority has no clue about how our government views what we consider to be obvious and fundamental.  Not one of the principles identified above is subscribed to or respected by those who lead us.  They believe that they are our master and not our servant, that the interests of the Democratic and Republican parties are more important than those of any other citizen or group of citizens, that government is all powerful and should exercise that power irrespective of principle, our Constitution, the rights of citizens, or the Nation’s best interest. 

To be sure, our situation is such today that our leaders ignore the principles of sound governing which define Americanism and has relegated human rights to something which they only allow if it is convenient.  Furthermore, as incredible as it sounds, the morally and intellectually bankrupt criminals who pull the strings that our elected representatives dance to are now in the process of dissolving this nation and melding us into a new one, more to their liking, where their power and control will be pervasive, universal, and unassailable.  In other words, the future that those in power have in store for us is one of servitude and slavery where we will be beholden to and dependent upon them from cradle to grave.  This is not just conjecture, but irrefutable provable fact.  If you believe otherwise, then you are uninformed, brainwashed, delusional, and part of the problem and not the cure.  

The time to take action is now.  Those of us who can still think for ourselves must take every opportunity to communicate our dire circumstances to our fellow citizens and we must do this with a fervor that borders on fanaticism.  Our best tool of communication is the internet, but many sleeping Americans, for the reasons previously enumerated, avoid and dismiss patriotic web sites as been subversive and un-American.  This is why spreading the word through direct contact and networking is so important.  George Bush “The Decider” is our best asset in this regard.  People are fed up with his war, his incompetence, and the gross and flagrant corruption of his administration.  Therefore, they are now more receptive to our message than ever before.  Furthermore, it is hard to dismiss someone personally known to us as being out of touch or unwittingly working against the best interests of our Nation. 

Other important ways of reaching people are through presentations, discussion groups, and videos.  Those of us with such talents and capabilities must begin to utilize these talents to the fullest.  America can be saved, but it has to be accomplished at the grass roots level.  The corrupt and totalitarian criminals who control our government have ensured that those sympathetic to their nefarious designs hold key positions in most institutions throughout society including the mainstream media, our colleges and universities, and the judiciary.  Despite this, if we act now with determination and commitment, the ripples of discontent that are presently evident throughout our Nation will grow into a tidal wave that will eventually sweep away our oppressors including those who know better, but for a few pieces of silver, have sold their soles to the Devil and abandoned this nation and its people to the wolves of world commerce.   

Governments rule by the consent of the governed.  The present government of the United States is a cabal of traitors and criminals which no longer has my consent to govern me.  Many Americans share these sentiments, but we can do little about our dismal state of affairs unless our numbers grow into a clear majority.  When that happens, we will have the power and authority to remove from government those who serve themselves instead of us.  My sincere hope is that this will be a peaceful process and those of us in the vanguard of this movement must make every effort to ensure that it is.  If it is not, then all is lost and those who oppress us will have won.