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Jan 16th, 2011 


Recently, I reported on several actions that the Federal Government is taking on the illegal immigration front that are: a complete violation of our immigration laws, places the nations sovereignty in extreme jeopardy and raises serious questions for our future safety and security. 

Let’s look at four:

1. Take for example the placement of buoys by a government agency, the Imperial Water District – at a $1.1 million price tag to the American taxpayer to provide safety to those on their way to enter the United States illegally. Of course, this is not the only safety net provided to these individuals, in their quest to ignore and break our immigration laws. This is aiding and abetting illegal activity and must stop. 

2. The current revised – but general – agreement between Obama and the Mexican Government to allow Mexican trucks on our roadways. An agreement dating back to 1996, an agreement that was made prior to 9/11/2001, that was made prior to the increased violent Drug Wars currently taking thousands of lives in Mexico and an agreement that was made before the economic decline and uncertainty we now face.

In the financial times Americans find themselves in, and with no real or clear signal that this Administration is going to be proactive to correct it – why would we open our roadways to Mexican trucks which will not only have a negative effect to the employment and income of America’s truck drivers and industry, but will also put the safety of our roadways in jeopardy. And of course, there seems to be no discussion of the increased risk of drugs, human smuggling and possible terrorism and crime that would no doubt be associated with such a move. 

3. Better yet – Many are outraged and cannot believe that while Janet Napolitano’s TSA Squad continues to grope and humiliate millions of Americans in airports – all in the name of security, Napolitano along with the Mexican Government are working on what is coined “The Trusted Traveler Card”. Mexican officials have already stated that they believe this program could allow upwards of 84 million Mexicans to enter the United States with the swipe of a card. Of course, there would be an application and then an interview to ensure our safety. I am sure that this brings comfort to very few. And the leap of faith in the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the background checks of those entering brings little comfort seeing we are not able to secure our own borders. The risks of such a program are tremendous and will completely erode this nation’s sovereignty. 

4. Adding to the insanity is the news that the ACLU has filed yet another motion in a Phoenix U.S. District Court, asking Judge Susan Bolton to block 5A and 5B of Arizona’s legislation SB 1070. Both provisions address day labor. The ACLU states that it makes it hard for “day laborers” (eg. Illegal aliens) to look for work and that the “real” issue is the First Amendment and that thru freedom of speech illegal aliens should be allowed to solicit employment. Funny, isn’t it, ACLU’s concern for an ILLEGAL aliens freedom of speech and combating the laws Arizona has put forth, but it demonstrates no concern with our immigration laws… like US Code 8. And, there seems to be little concern for the unemployed American.

At a time when more and more States are forced to take legislative actions with regards to illegal immigration, into their own hands due to the inaction of this Administration to enforce our immigration laws …… one must ask – federally, when will the newly elected Congress address not only these four examples but the many more that are looming, including that of our unsecured borders?

Leading many of us to ask …. Is It – Smith Goes To Washington OR Where Is Lamar? 

Mr. Lamar Smith, Head of the Judiciary Committee can be reached by going to

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