People die.

The various ways could fill this blog with dark depressing facts.

Yet it happens.

As thinking rational beings, we want justification for the loss of a loved one. We want answers and so we comb backwards through the events looking for the smallest action that could have “changed what might have been”.

“Could I have”, “should I have”, “did we”, “how come”, “there should have been a law” – it is all part of the stages of grief to find meaning in the final process of life : Death.

Recent events in Arizona provide fodder for political parties, cultural gurus, and social responsibility theorists until the next action that draws our dragonfly quick attention away from the facts at hand.

In Arizona a human mind became addled.

I will not grace this moment that the reader has taken to look upon my little statement with pointing out the facts that “everybody knows”.

Soon enough we will know to such nauseating detail what happened leading up to the act that the ultimate point will be missed.

The most effective discussion to have with your loved ones today, tomorrow and in the days to come would be best focused on the love that you feel for one another.

We live in an uncertain world where the best that we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Living each day in Freedom should be our goal.

Should we really waste our time pandering to those who are flailing through the same morass we are – trying to make sense of things?

I think not.

Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED